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How much does it cost to replace a HP screen?

A HP laptop screen replacement does not tend to be expensive, with a price of just £120 for non touch models, this covers 80% of models, how ever this price does increase with touch screen models. To find out a price for your touch screen HP model, simply contact us with the required information, and a member of our team will get right back to you. For non touch you can order now by clicking here.

Our HP screen repair service is available UK wide, you can post your laptop to us, or we can arange a courier to collect, if you prefer you can also drop your machine to us, at our HP laptop repair shop in Canterbury Kent.

We have been offering HP repairs UK wide for a number of years, and can be trusted, with over 500 online reviews, we pride ourselves on the service we offer. Your new HP screen repair will come as standard with a one year return to base warranty against defects, unfortunatly this excludes damage caused by the user, for example if you have a broken HP screen due to dropping.

If your HP laptop is under a year old, and the screen has failed with no obvious damage, its always first worth checking that its not covered under the HP warranty, this can be found by using your serial number at their site HP warranty check.

hp keyboard repair

HP laptop Keyboard replacement price?

We have been offering HP repairs in the UK for many years, and one of the most poplar request, are HP keyboard repairs, we offer these for a set price of £90, via our drop of or postal service, this covers all models (ORDER NOW). We don’t like to boast, but we have fixed thousands, and are pretty good at what we do, ensuring you get your HP keyboard back to as good as new.

Its seems the newer the system, the easier the keyboard fails, and certainly do not seem as robust as they once were, a classic sign your HP keyboard needs replacing , will be 2 or 3 characters appearing when you only press one key, it only takes the slightest amount of moisture to do this.

Our HP keyboard repairs tend to take 3-5 days, so you will not be without your laptop to long, and your HP keyboard replacement will include a 1yr warranty against the same fault.


How much does a HP hinge replacement cost UK

We are specialist at HP hinge repairs in the UK, and we only charge £80, this can be booked online or dropped into store, and is avalable nationwide, as are all our HP repairs

The hinge issue on the HP laptops are well known, and is likly the most common brand we see with this issue as well as Dell, it may be poor design or just they sell more laptops, but a quick search on google you will find your not alone.

We will replace or repair your HP laptop hinge, and offer a one year warranty with your HP repair. If your casing is damaged, in most instances we can save this at no extra cost, saving you a costly case replacement, we have spent years, working on the best and most effective way to repair these. Prebonding the brass grommets back into the  plastics.


Can a water damaged HP laptop be repaired?

We have a very high success rate in HP repairs, including liquid damage repair, with other a 70 percent success rate. Our success will often depend on the type of liquid and extent, for example milk often seems to course the greatest of damage, our HP liquid damage repairs, have an average cost of £130, if we can not repair your laptop, it will normally mean your machine would cost more to repair then replace, at this point you will be charged only an inspection fee of £15, plus postage if you have used our courier service. 

Even when your laptop can not be saved, your data often can be, with your hard drive removed and fitted into a USB caddy, you can then read any data from an alternative machine.

We see water damaged laptops on a daily basis, with people in a panic over their course work or favorite photos, so you are not alone, in most cases your machine will be back to you within 3 – 5 days, on rare occasions we may need to import vital components from abroad, if this is the case we will always call you to advise of an estimated time, and if its to long you can always cancel your HP repair


HP fan replacement

Is your HP laptop starting to sound like a jet engine or overheating during simple tasks? It might be time for an HP fan replacement. A malfunctioning or noisy fan can lead to severe performance issues and even permanent damage to your laptop’s internal components. Our skilled technicians specialize in HP fan replacement, using quality parts to ensure your laptop’s cooling system functions optimally. Say goodbye to the annoying noises and overheating problems. Trust us to bring back the quiet, efficient operation you expect from your HP laptop. Don’t wait until it’s too late—schedule an HP fan replacement with us today and keep your laptop running smoothly.”

hp laptop hinge repair

HP laptop repairs UK?

The above is just an example of the HP repairs we currently offer, if you do not see what your looking for, please look through our other HP repairs, or of course your welcome to contact us.

We offer HP repairs in the UK for most models, sadly to many to list, but the common models are below just for a guide

  • HP Essential Repairs UK
  • HP Pavilion Repair UK
  • HP ENVY  Repairs UK
  • HP Spectre Repair UK
  • HP ProBook Repair UK
  • HP EliteBook Repairs UK
  • HP Gaming  Repair UK
  • HP Chromebook Repair UK

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Lenovo laptops break to, so if your in need of a Lenovo repair, screens, hinges and keyboards are our specialty 

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Broken your Dell laptop screen its not a problem, we can have this fixed for you from as low as £99

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