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Are MacBook's expensive to repair?

Is a MacBook expensive to repair is a question we are often asked, but its hard to say, compared to other laptops yes, but compared to a new MacBook no. It may just be that your MacBook needs an update or reinstall, such a MacBook repair as this would only set you back £35-£50

However there are many types of MacBook repairs we see, with a more likely price being £150 for a keyboard or battery replacement for an Air or Pro, however as you have likely paid one or two thousand for your laptop, in comparison it makes for a very cheap MacBook repair.

Of course if your system is of a certain age it may still be covered by an apple warranty, if the fault is not due to user damage, so we would always advise you check with apple first as some design faults may also be covered beyond the initial warranty period, information of which can be checked at the apple MacBook support page

If you are outside your warranty then you have came to the right place for help. To keep things simple, we have provided some information and prices about our more popular apple MacBook repairs below, if you do not see what your looking for, please do not hestitate to contact us .


How much should it cost to replace MacBook screen?

The cost of your MacBook screen repair will depend on its age and model, we find the most common MacBook screen replacement  requested being for the 13″ versions, for both the Air and Pro, so we have now decided to offer a one size fits all price for this repair, set at just £360 for all MacBook 13″ models between 2010-2020.

Larger MacBook screen replacement are also available, but these are quoted as per request owing to there being less availability and constantly fluctuating prices. If your MacBook is covered by our £360 offer you can order online here, alternatively if you would like a price for a different display size, or year model, you can contact us here, where a member of staff will get right back to you with a price for your MacBook repair.


MacBook Screen Repair UK

We cover all versions of MacBook screen repairs UK wide for both the MacBook Air & MacBook Pro, we have included some of more common models below which are included within our £360 screen replacement offer. All our MacBook screen replacements include a one year warranty against defects and are offered via our postal MacBook screen replacement service, and via our  MacBook repair shop in Canterbury

  • Apple MacBook Pro A2159 Screen Repair
  • Apple MacBook Pro A1989 Screen Replacement
  • Apple MacBook Pro A2289 Screen Repair
  • Apple MacBook Pro A2251 Screen Replacement
  • Apple MacBook Pro A1706 Screen Repair
  • Apple MacBook Pro A1708  Screen Replacement
  • Apple MacBook Air A1466 Screen Repair
  • Apple MacBook Air A1932 Screen Replacement
  • Apple MacBook Air A2337 Screen Repair
  • Apple MacBook Air A2179 Screen Replacement

How much does it cost to replace a battery in a MacBook?

Our MacBook battery replacements are £150, for all 13″ Air and Pro models made between 2010 & 2020. There are literally 1000s of MacBook battery replacements available online, some with incredibly low prices, and you would be right in thinking they are to good to be true, as not all MacBook battery replacements are made equally.

What we offer are high quality MacBook battery repairs at low prices, without risking quality and safety. We source our batteries from trusted suppliers, who pass European safety standards. You will find that many cheaper batteries available online will brand themselves as original or genuine, this is a very lose term used, and often will be fake or poorly produced compatibles, meaning the cells are second hand, reprogramed to make the system think they are new, you may find your MacBook may simply shut down without notice, despite the system reporting it still has charge, or they may be produced using cheap cells that do not hold charge and lack the safety requirements.   

We know you want quality in your MacBook battery replacement, so that’s what we aim to supply, we include a one year warranty with your MacBook repair, not 30 days or 6mths like so many of our competitors, as we pride ourselves on only using quality batteries which will last, bringing new life to your MacBook Air or Pro. To order your MacBook battery repair online click here, or any questions feel free to ask


How much does it cost to repair a MacBook keyboard?

We currently offer MacBook keyboard replacement for £150, this covers all MacBook Pro keyboard repairs & MacBook Air Keyboard replacements for models up to 2020, other years are available but are quoted on request, we can also help with non UK keyboard layouts, but these may take a little longer, as might need to be imported.

My MacBook keyboard is not working, is a common call we get, its not surprising its one of our most common MacBook repair request,  if you consider how much use your MacBook keyboard gets, all it takes is for your hands to be slightly wet, then you find your keyboard begins to type by itself. We have been fixing MacBook keyboards for years, so you know you have came to the right place for your MacBook keyboard replacement

We will supply and fit a new keyboard on par with the original, getting you back to tying as fast as possible, we will also include a one year return to base warranty against defects, with your MacBook repair.

Obviously if your MacBook is under two years old, you should always check that you can not claim under your Apple MacBook keyboard replacement warranty direct with them, this however will only cover you if the fault was not caused by the user directly 

Our staff are here to help with your MacBook keyboard repair UK wide, if you would like to book online, for your MacBook keyboard replacement click here, or any questions please contact us

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Other Apple repairs we offer ?

Atlantis/hc has been around for many years, and offer a range of MacBook repairs UK wide, the above is just an example of our most popular repairs, with more apple repairs available here, but if you do not find what your looking for feel free to use our contact page so we may assist you in your MacBook repair.

MacBook’s are not the only apple repair we offer, we also offer iPhone repairs in Canterbury in store and UK wide via courier or postal services, we fix iPad screens to.  With all our apple repairs, we use only quality parts, and offer a one year warranty on the new part fitted, be it a screen or battery, with over 500 online reviews you have came to the right place for your apple repair.


iPad screens are one of our more popular repairs, they can take a number of drops but one to many and they are likely to smash on you, a lot of the iPad’s available use a separate glass and digitizers, which can easily be replaced and are in most cases just £59.99, sadly not all iPad screens are built this way, and may have an LCD and digitizer fused into one, these models are likely to cost at least double to repair. Atlantis are here to help with you iPad screen replacement

iPad Screen Repair UK


We use our iPhones all day long, and they are now much more then simply a phone to make calls, battery technology has came a long way over the years, considering what we now expect our iPhones to do, being a mini computer in your pocket, its not surprising that sooner or later your iPhone battery will wear out, however if your iPhone was fine before it seems a shame to chuck it out, especially with the current emphasis on the environment, and cost of living, so to help save the planet and your pocket, we offer iPhone battery replacements UK wide from just £35.

iPhone Battery Repair

We have been offering iPhone Repairs in Canterbury, for years, often as clients wait, we  replace their screens or their batteries to bring their iPhones back to life, we also offer iPhone screen replacements UK wide, and batteries to. We only use high quality iPhone screens for your repair, that come with a one year warranty, using strong glass and premium LCD’s sourced from quality suppliers, your iPhone will look almost as good as new

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