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Apple MacBook Repair

Essential MacBook Repairs, Including Screen Repairs & Keyboard Replacement

MacBook repairs

Apple MacBook Repair Canterbury

Atlantis Apple MacBook repair Canterbury Kent, offer a large range of Apple MacBook repair services for both the Pro &  Air. Even though they are know to be notoriously difficult and expensive to repair, Atlantis will never try to over complicate things, we know you just want an honest and efficient repair service, charged at a reasonable price, this is why we will often repair faulty mainboards at a component level reducing the cost by many hundreds of pounds over a replacement logic board.

We offer a large range of MacBook repair options, including trackpad, screen, and water damage repairs, we can also replace your faulty battery or keyboard. Our repairs include a 1yr warranty on hardware, and 30days on software faults. We do not only offer MacBook repair in Canterbury Kent, we also offer a UK postal repair service for your Pro or Air system that can be booked via this site, but there is no need to pre-book for our walk in service. We have listed our more common MacBook repairs below, but as always you’re welcome to contact us, or pop in if you can’t find what your looking for, or simply want some advice. We pride ourselves on giving the best service available as can be seen from our many positive reviews online


MacBook Health Check

Our MacBook mechanical operational test, or mot for short is one of our most popular MacBook repair options, for only £35, we will run a full health check on your machine. We first run a microscope diagnostics on your hardware including your hard drive, helping to identify faults early and saving data lose from occurring. If your hardware all checks out fine, we will then run a full virus, malware and registry scan using the latest definitions. We have found that as MacBook’s become more popular there are more systems becoming infected, owing to many being under the believe that Macs can not get viruses, and having no protection installed. Once your hardware and software checks have been completed we will then clear any fans from dust, helping your machine run cooler, and reducing the chance of damage being caused by overheating. This service is available in-store or via our postal service at the link below.

MacBook Repair Canterbury Kent, Keyboards for Air & Pro

Atlantis MacBook Keyboard Repair in Canterbury Kent, have replaced many MacBook keyboards over the years. Many MacBook repair shops will replace the entire top half of casing and the keyboard of your MacBook as its very time consuming to replace just the keyboard aloe , the problem with this approach is it isn’t cheap, we on the other hand will separate your faulty keyboard from its surround and bond a new one into place, often halfling the cost of repair in the process. In most cases a keyboard will fail due to moisture, it doesn’t need to be soaked and we have seen them fail from just a gently clean, in most cases the moisture does not penetrate beyond the keyboard layer, and a keyboard replacement is all that is needed. A keyboard can also fail due to just normal ware and tare, you may find just one key doesn’t respond or a row of keys. If you are missing just key, but it still responds, we often have spare keys which we can fit in-store free of charge. We charge a set fee of £150 on most MacBook Air & MacBook Pro keyboard replacements, this repair is available in-store in our MacBook Repairs shop in Canterbury Kent, and via our postal service that can be booked using the link below your new keyboard will include a 1 year warranty against defects.

MacBook Battery Replacements

Do Atlantis MacBook battery replacements in Canterbury Kent use original Apple batteries? the answer is no, as Apple do not sell batteries to third parties, many companies may advertise this, however most so called original batteries are cheap fakes, with bad quality cells, which can be dangerous. So do we sell cheap batteries, once again the answer is no, Apple do not make their own batteries but will use batteries manufactured by recognised brands such as Samsung, we follow the same mentality, we only buy batteries produced using quality cells and circuits, from European companies which adhere to strict safety and quality regulations. Our batteries will provide usage similar to the original and match their original life span. Cheap batteries will normally only last 6mths at best, its similar to when you buy 10 AA batteries for £1, seems like a bargain but they fail quickly. We provide a one year warranty as we are confident our batteries will last, and charge a set fee of £150 for most MacBook Pro & Air battery replacements. We offer walk-in MacBook battery repairs in Canterbury Kent, with no need to book prior, and nationwide MacBook battery replacements via our mail in service, this can be ordered using the link below

MacBook Screen Repairs Canterbury Kent

Its amazing how easily a MacBook screen can become broken, all its takes is a pen left on the keyboard when you close the lid, or an unexpected fall and your left with a very expensive MacBook which is of almost no use. Atlantis MacBook screen replacements in Canterbury Kent can help, but sadly the screen of a MacBook Pro or Air is never going to be cheap. As there are so many models of MacBook’s we currently only have a set charge for models between 2010-2020, which is £360, other models we can help with. but we do not have a set price as these change regulary. Earlier models have separate glass to the LCD, if you have only broken the glass, then these can be replaced for a £100, however the newer models range from a couple of hundred pound up to around five hundred pound. There are various used screens available online, we are happy to fit these for £50 if the customer supplies, this is always a cheaper option then a new screen. We offer MacBook screen repairs in Canterbury Kent as a Walk-in service without a need to pre-book, and we also offer a nationwide wide postal screen replacement service. All new screens include a one year warranty against defects but not cracks. For our latest prices or to book please use the link below to send us a message, stating the model of the MacBook Air or Pro you require a replacement screen for.

MacBook Water Damage Repairs

Atlantis MacBook water damage repairs in Canterbury Kent have successfully repaired many liquid damaged MacBook Pro & Air machines, our technicians have a very high success rate thanks to their years of experience in MacBook repairs , so try not to panic as your laptop might be salvageable. Once we receive your laptop we will instantly remove its battery, and begin the clean up process using special chemicals to remove corrosion from key components, and replacing any minor components including board mounted smd all for £130, if we find there is more extensive damage to more expensive parts such as the screen we will contact you before proceeding with the full cost. If your laptop is found to be uneconomical to repair you will be charged only a £15 inspection fee . We offer a drop of service for liquid damaged MacBook repairs in Canterbury Kent, without the need to book, or if your not local we can also provide a nationwide postal MacBook repair service via the link below

MacBook Trackpad, Touchpad Repairs

Your MacBook gets a lot of use over the years, with the constant taping you may find it no longer clicks, or moves erectly, worse still they can crack, there is only one solution and that is to replace your mouse pad. Atlantis MacBook Touchpad repairs in Canterbury Kent will replace your faulty MacBook Air or Pro Trackpad, including a 1 year warranty for just £100. If your pad has became raised then this may be due to the battery swelling underneath, in these cases a battery will be needed for £130, which is also available from Atlantis, once the battery has been replaced your Touchpad should then sit correctly, and in many cases will not need to be replaced. Our MacBook repairs in Canterbury Kent are available as drop of service in shop, there is no need to book before hand, or if you prefer you can book a postal MacBook Air or MacBook repair service using the link below

MacBook Socket Repairs Canterbury Kent

If you find your MacBook Air or Pro is no longer charging owing to a damaged Magsafe socket or USB C , Atlantis MacBook repairs in Canterbury Kent can help, we have years of experience repairing all types of broken sockets, not only can we fix your broken charging point, but we can also repair malfunctioning USB ports and headphone inputs on your MacBook. You can drop your MacBook into our repair shop in Canterbury without a prior appointment or if you prefer can use our nationwide mail-in MacBook repair service. All socket repairs include a one year warranty. All our current prices are listed in the link below, you can also book our mail-in repair service via the link, if you have any questions please feel free to contact us, where a member of staff will be happy to help

MacBook Motherboard Repairs

Atlantis MacBook logic board repairs in Canterbury Kent are able to repair many mainboard faults on the MacBook Air & Pro, often saving you hundreds of pounds over a replacement board cost. Our engineers will inspect your faulty mainboard replacing any faulty components found. This requires expensive micro soldering equipment, which we have invested heavily in, increasing the chances of a successful repair. If we are able to repair your mainboard there is £130 fee, however if the repair is unsuccessful you will only be charged a £15 inspection fee. This service is available as a drop of service, in our store in Canterbury and through our postal repair service, it includes a 1 year warranty. Please follow the link below for additional information

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Been to Atlantis a couple of times now for my MacBook Pro and the service has been excellent! Always get such a good deal and the guys there are very time efficient. Got my Mac back the next day from the drop and collect servcie. I’m not one for writing reviews often but would definitely recommend this place 5star!

I can highly recommend Atlantis HC. I would give them 6 stars for value if I could. They have carried out numerous repairs for us on iPhones, android phones, laptops, MACs and games consoles, all very reasonably, successfully where possible and in good time. Always honest about a repair. Sorted the three red rings of death, need I say more.

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