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Games Console Repairs

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Playstation Repair

Game Console Repairs Canterbury Kent

It can be frustrating when your games console decides to no longer work, and what one minute is there to help relax you can quickly turn into a major annoyance. Atlantis game console repairs in Canterbury Kent, have been repairing game consoles for years, and are able to help with Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo faults of all kinds. We offer a walk in service with no need to pre-book and a mail in service. A full list of our most common repairs follows below, simply select you console and click on the link for the repair types and prices. You can also use the contact us link below.

PS5 Repairs

Atlantis PS5 repairs in Canterbury Kent are here to help you get playing again as soon as possible, if your PlayStation 5 is having problems we offer a drop in service in our Canterbury shop, or a mail in service throughout the UK. For our most common repairs including PS5 HDMI port repair please click the link below for a full list of prices, you can also book a postal service from here, or if your local to us in Canterbury, please just drop your PS5 in for repair when convenient, as there is no need to book. If you can not see what your looking for please contact us as we are adding to our console repairs list all the time

Xbox X & S Series Repairs Canterbury Kent

There is nothing worse after a long hard day, when you get home to relax on your favourite game, only to find your Xbox doesn’t want to play ball, we understand for kids and adults alike, you want to get back to playing as soon as possible, Atlantis Xbox X & S series repairs in Canterbury have been repairing Xbox game systems for many years, we offer a no need to book walk-in service in Canterbury, and now also a postal service, we have included our most common repairs in the link below, which is being updated all the time, if you do not see the fault you have, please message or call us as we are likely to be able to help.

Playstation PS4 Repairs

The PS4 must be one of the most successful game consoles in recent years, but as they are now getting older, we are seeing more and more in for repair, which isn’t great when you want to play your favourite games. PS4 HDMI port faults tend to be the most common repair needed, but we do offer a large array of repairs for PS4 systems. Atlantis PS4 repairs in Canterbury Kent offer a drop in service and a postal service. We can help replace broken HDMI sockets and hard drives, we can also repair DVD drive faults and BLOD. There is no need to book if your using our walk-in service, or you can book our postal service on the below link. Our most common PS4 repair prices are also available via the link, or you can also call us on 01227 479646

Xbox One Repairs Canterbury Kent

Our technicians are ready to help with all your Xbox One repairs in Canterbury Kent, we also offer a postal service. We cover most Xbox one faults including broken HDMI ports, red blinking light, not reading disks and many more. We offer a one year warranty on all our Xbox one repairs for peace of mind, and there is no need to book if your using our walk-in repair service in Canterbury Kent. Our average repair times are 3-5 working days, we are always happy to answer any questions you may have, please drop us a message or call us. We have compiled a list of our most common Xbox one repairs in the link below, you can also book our postal service from there also

Nintendo Switch & Switch Lite Repairs

Atlantis Switch repairs in Canterbury Kent is your Nintendo games console specialist. We offer all types of repairs for the Nintendo Switch & LIte our engineers can solder new charging sockets in to place, or replace your cracked or faulty screen. We are so confident our repairs will last we offer a 1 year warranty, not the standard 3mths you see elsewhere, because we use only high quality parts, and invested in the tools needed to carry out your repairs correctly. We have hundreds of positive reviews online as we always do our best to please our customers. We offer Nintendo Switch repairs in Canterbury Kent as a walk in service, that has no need to book in advance, and through a postal repair service. We have created a list of repairs available in the link below, you can also book our postal service through the same link. If you do not see the Nintendo Switch repair you need we are only a phone call away

Game Controller Repairs For Xbox & Playstation

Sadly not all game console controllers are viable to repair, however if you have an expensive game pad and its no longer working, Atlantis gamepad repairs in Canterbury Kent can help, We repair both PlayStation and Xbox controllers including charging ports, joysticks and triggers, once your repair is complete, we will offer a one year warranty against the same fault reoccurring. You can drop your gamepad into us without an appointment, or use our postal service, which can be booked by using the link below, the link also includes our current prices. Any questions please use our contact page, where a member of staff will be happy to help.
xbox 360 repair

Xbox 360 Repairs In Canterbury Kent

We have lost count of how many XBox 360 repairs in Canterbury Kent we have carried out, but its in the 1000’s, we have invested heavily in infrared reflow ovens and rework stations to repair the most common Xbox fault the red ring of death, and its rare that we are unable to get a successful long lasting repair, you will be amazed how many repair shops use £20 heat guns, all this will do at best is provide a short term fix, but in most cases it causes the mainboard to bow, its just a waste of time. We don’t only repair Xbox RROD, we can also solve power issues and disk not reading faults, all available as a drop in repair service in our Canterbury Xbox repair shop, we also offer a UK wide mail-in Xbox repairs service. Our most common repairs are listed with prices in the below link, you can also book our postal service from there to. If you can not find the repair your looking for please drop us a message or call us, where a member of staff will always be happy to help.

PS3 Repairs In Canterbury Kent

The PS3 in its heyday was one of our most popular game console repair services, the dreaded Yellow Light Of Death was a daily encounter. Thanks to our years of PS3 repairs experience, we were able to offer a very high success rate. Atlantis PS3 repairs in Canterbury Kent are happy to still offer a wide range of PlayStation 3 repairs, including YLOD, Hard Drive replacements and DVD drive laser repairs. We offer a walk-in service and a mail-in repair option. All our current repair prices are included in the below link , where you can also book our postal service. There is no need to pre-book if you plan to drop your console in to us.

Nintendo Wii Repairs Canterbury

Revolutionary in its day, it took a completely different direction from other manufacturers, a games console to bring the whole family together, even though its now over 15 years old, we still get a great deal of demand for Wii repairs in Canterbury, the most common fault is that the disk drive is unable to read, we offer this amongst other repairs for the Wii consoles. You can bring your Wii console in for repair in Canterbury Kent with no prior booking, or if you prefer, we also offer a mail-in service. For information on our most common Wii repairs & prices, or if you would like to book a postal repair, please click the link below

Nintendo 2DS, 3DS, XL Repairs

If your looking for a reliable Nintendo DS repair company, Atlantis Ds Repairs in Canterbury Kent is the perfect choice. We can repair most faults including charging ports, screens and hinges, all available in-store with our walk-in service and online via our postal Nintendo Ds repair service. There is no need to pre-book and all our most common repairs and prices are available on the below link, you can also book our postal repair via the link. All Nintendo Ds repairs will include our one year parts and labour warranty

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Twice I’ve been in to Atlantis and the first time my PS3 was broken beyond repair, and the second time my laptop could be fixed over the counter in 5 minutes. Both times for the overnight diagnostic and the over the counter quick fix I wasn’t charged for their time and effort. You can tell they know their stuff. Will definitely be bringing my damaged electronics fixed here again and hopefully for them i’ll eventually bring them something they can make some money off!
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