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Apple iPad Repairs

If you have broken your iPad there is no need to panic, Atlantis iPad repairs Canterbury can help


iPad Repairs Canterbury Kent

We have been offering iPad repairs in Canterbury Kent for many years, we also offer a postal iPad repair service. Our experts have dealt with a large range of different faults, broken screens being the most common. We have invested heavily in the equipment to cope with all manner of iPad repairs, and we only use high quality parts. Sadly you will find a number of iPad repair shops using cheap parts, so what seems like a bargain at first will tend to lead to more issues, and is just a false economy. We would rather keep our customers happy, knowing you will recommend us to others. We can repair water damaged iPads, smashed screens and charging issues to name just a few. You can bring your broken iPad to us for repair in Canterbury Kent without appointment, or use our postal service if your not local. Our most common repairs are listed below with prices, but If you can not see what you need please pay us a visit at our iPad repairs shop in Canterbury Kent , or give us a call on 01227 479646, or you can also click the contact us on the link below

iPad Screen Repair And iPad Glass Repairs

Sadly one of the most frequent repairs we are asked to perform on an iPad, is an iPad screen repair, its easy to accidently break your iPad glass and can cost as little as £59.99. iPad screens come in different forms depending on the model, the cheapest of the two will be the digitiser and glass being separate, from the LCD, as we only need to change the one part of your iPad this is often more then a third of the cost of a full screen, on others the LCD and glass are bonded into one, meaning a full screen replacement and cost increasing greatly, If your iPad is using separates and your glass is broken and your display looks like is has ink spots you will also need to change the LCD & Digitizer. Atlantis iPad screen repairs in Canterbury can advise you of which repair you will need, or if you are unsure of what model you have we are only a call away,. We offer a walk-in service with no need to book in Canterbury, or a postal service. The most common models and prices are included in the link below

iPad Battery Replacement

Atlantis iPad battery repairs in Canterbury Kent, have engineers with over 15 years experience with Apple products. Over time your battery will fail, you may find it still charges but then discharges rapidly or not charge at all. People will often believe this is the life of the product and buy a new tablet, but your iPad battery can be replaced. Atlantis will remove your faulty battery and install a new high quality battery which will give you many years of additional use. Don’t be fooled by companies offering stupidly low prices, they may insist that they are using original batteries from Apple, but the truth is Apple do not sell these to third party repair shops, and will normally be low quality knock offs, which are programmed to fool your iPad, using badly developed cells, and missing the safety feature needed. We use only high quality cells from trusted manufactures in Europe, using branded cells and matching the quality of the original. An iPad is a sealed unit and isn’t designed to constantly be reopened so please make the right choice when it comes to your iPad battery replacement. We offer a walk-in iPad repair service in Canterbury kent, there is no need to book, or also a postal repair service. To see the most common models with prices please click the link below , any questions at all please feel free to contact or visit us.

iPad Charging Port Repair

Atlantis iPad charging port repairs in Canterbury Kent offer an affordable option for replacing your damaged charging docking port,, if you find your iPad no longer detects your lightning cable when plugged in , then this may be the repair you require. however If your find your cable wiggles then it may just be debris in your socket which we can clean free of charge for our drop-in customers, or for a small £10 charge to cover admin, plus courier cost for our postal clients. If we do need to replace your socket , one of our skilled technicians will disassemble your iPad and solder a new charging port when required, getting you up an running again in no time at all. Your new port will also include a 1 year warranty, As mentioned we offer a walk-in iPad repair service in Canterbury Kent , or postal service. For our latest docking port prices please click the link below or give us a call.

iPad Liquid Damage Repairs Canterbury

Its not uncommon for people to take their iPads into the bathroom, then the inevitable happens. This often leads to panic and despair that their iPad is forever ruined. Luckily Atlantis water damaged repairs in Canterbury Kent have years of experience in liquid damage, even though not all can be saved, many can. We will strip down your iPad to its key components, thoroughly cleaning any corrosion that may have occurred and replacing any parts that can not be saved, if we find your iPad is beyond uneconomical repair, you will only be charged a £15 inspection fee. We offer both a walk-in iPad water damage repair service and a postal service. All our current prices are in the link below, if you can not see your model please drop us a message

iPad Home Button

Your iPad home button can get a lot of use over the years, especially if you have children playing their games. The home button is glued and taped to the underside of the glass, with repeated use the bond can deteriorate and fail , causing the button to drop and no longer press, if this has happened to your iPad we can often re-adhere the home button supports, retaining your finger print function. If the button does need to be replaced you will lose your fingerprint recognition, unless Apple replace it. You can also use the on screen home button function, which we can send you free instruction in order to enable. Atlantis iPad home button repairs include a 1 year warranty, we offer a walk in service with no need to pre-book and a postal service. All our current prices are included in the link below, if your unable to find your model or need advice please give us a call or send a message

iPad Casing Replacement

A back repair on an iPad is less common then a screen, but if your iPad has suffered a number of drops and dents it can cause the volume and on buttons to jam, or it may just be your wanting to give your iPad a new look. We offer iPad back replacements in Canterbury Kent without a need to pre-book, and a postal casing replacement service. We cover most iPad models, a full list with prices are in the link below, if your iPad model isn’t mentioned please drop us a message and we will see what we can do.

iPad Camera Replacement

With the recent Covid outbreak people are depending more and more on their iPad camera in order to keep in contact with loved ones, so it can be frustrating when it does not work at all, or acts erratically. We can replace your faulty camera, we only use the best components so you will have the picture quality you have came to expect., which will last for many years, we also include a one year warranty. Atlantis iPad camera repairs in Canterbury offer both a drop in service or a postal service. All our current camera prices are included in the link below, if you can not see your model, please send us a message.

iPad Factory Reset

If your iPad has crashed after a recent update or you have forgotten your passcode, we can reset your iPad free of charge in our Canterbury iPad repair store, or if you rather use our postal service, there will be a £10 charge plus postage. A reset will lose all the data that is not backed up, and will not bypass a forgotten Apple ID password

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I have used Atlantis for repairs to IPads and a TV. They have been, honest, competent and have saved me a significant amount of money. As a local company they have to be better and cheaper to compete with the big brands, fortunately they are.
Great experience with this company on a few occasions now. A few months back I had 2 old iPads one I thought was completely broken wouldn’t turn on and the other kept freezing. As a last resort before selling on eBay as “for parts”, i thought I’d just get them checked, and to my surprise i returned to 2 fully working iPads! was so pleased.
The other day i phoned to ask some advice and got some great info on the phone reassuring me they knew the problem and could fix my phone. Today I visited with the iPhone and they sorted within 5 mins. Great service, these guys really know their stuff. I would strongly recommend and they will definitely be my first port of call for any of my phone or computer issues!
Jamie Crosswell
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