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Dell Laptop Screen Repairs & Replacement UK Wide Only £120

Choose Us for Your Dell Laptop Screen Needs:

When it comes to Dell laptop screen repairs in the UK, Atlantis is your trusted choice. We possess the knowledge, a nationwide network, and an unwavering commitment to restoring your Dell laptop screen to its prime condition. Bid farewell to any screen-related concerns and welcome a laptop that not only appears brand new but also performs flawlessly.

Competitive Pricing:

Our dedication to providing affordability remains steadfast. For screen sizes up to 15.6″, our Dell screen repair service is competitively priced at just £120. Please be aware that this pricing excludes OLED and touch screen models. If you require repair services for these specific models, please continue scrolling and click on “Request a Quote.”

Convenient Royal Mail Collection and Delivery Service:

In our pursuit of a hassle-free repair experience for our valued customers, we proudly offer a free Royal Mail Drop and Return service for your Dell screen repair. This service is accessible to customers all across the UK, irrespective of their location. Preparing your Dell laptop for repair is hassle-free: securely package it and attach the prepaid postage label we provide. You can then send your laptop to us via Royal Mail. Be assured that we handle every aspect of the repair process, from the initial assessment to the safe and efficient return delivery.

What’s Included:

How much does it cost to fix a Dell laptop screen?

The cost of a Dell screen repair in the UK varies depending on the model, however we offer a set price for models up to 15.6″ of just £120, this excludes dell touch and OLED  models, as the cost of these will likely be the higher. Simply click the request a quote tab below and send us your model number if you have a touch screen or OLED model, and a member of staff will get right back to you with a price. You may be asking yourself is it worth replacing a broken laptop screen, if your machine was working fine before, it likely is, and will be a lot cheaper then buying a new laptop, plus saves you a lot of time not having to transfer data. Our Dell screen repairs are available UK wide 


How do I test my Dell laptop screen?

You can test your Dell laptop screen by using the built in diagnostics, simply press the D button when turning on your laptop, this should boot into the Dell LCD diagnostics test. Of course this may not be needed, if you have dropped you laptop, and your Dell screen is clearly broken then its time to give us a call so we can get your Dell screen fixed, with some of the best prices for  Dell screen repairs in the UK, when you break your screen you may see bars, or what can only be described as an oil leak across the panel, an LCD can not really be repaired, but they can easily be replaced, normally in just 3 – 5 days.


How do I know if my Dell screen is genuine?

We would always suggest you question someone who tells you they are fitting a genuine Dell screen, as they do not make them, Dell would likely tell you this themselves,  there are a number of screen manufacturers that Dell use, such as Sharp, LG and Samsung and many others, most laptop brands now build their laptops in this way, HP screens & Lenovo screens are just as likely to be used in a Dell. So we do not offer genuine Dell screen replacements per se, but what we do offer are they same brands they will use, this will be as good or even better then the screen you originally had, especially on older machines as LCD technology do move on quickly


How our Dell screen repairs UK courier service works?

After placing your order for your Dell laptop screen replacement, you can take advantage of our free Royal Mail service to send your laptop to us directly. We will send you a postal label, and you can drop off your laptop at a nearby local post office, making the process hassle-free. Upon receiving your Dell laptop for repair, our skilled engineer will promptly remove your faulty laptop screen and install a new one as quickly as possible. A dedicated member of our team will contact you once your Dell repair is completed and ready to be sent back to you.


Your warranty with your Dell screen repair UK?

Modern LCD technology is pretty reliable, we see less then 1 percent of screens fail in the first year, but if the unlikely was to happen, we provide a full one year warranty on your Dell screen replacement, this covers you for any screen defects, but sadly can not cover for a any drops or impact.


Dells own warranty on screen repairs

If your screen has failed for no reason, and your laptop is less then a year old, its likely you would still be covered by the retailer from where you brought it originally, or under Dells own warranty, to check if your your machine is still under warranty, click this link to be taken to Dell direct

Dell screen repairs UK, most common models


Dell Screen Replacement Prices

£ 120
  • Free Postage Both Ways
  • One Year Warranty
  • Covers All Dell Non Touch Up To 15.6"

Dell Screen Replacement Prices

UK wide Dell screen repairs, with one year warranty & free postage

Dell Xps Screen Repair UK£120
Dell Latitude Screen Replacement UK£120
Dell Inspiron Screen Repair UK£120
Dell Vostro Screen Replacement UK£120
Alienware Screen Repairs UK£120


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