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Dell Laptop Repairs UK Wide

We offer range of repair services for your Dell laptop UK wide. With years of experience, Atlantis is the first choice when it comes to looking for a Dell laptop repair, our engineers are experts in diagnosing your fault, be it software or hardware we can help.

All our Dell laptop repairs are carried out using the best parts available to ensure your machine is back to tip top shape, be it a keyboard a hinge, or even a broken laptop screen, plus your Dell repair will include our one year hardware warranty, and 30days warranty for software faults.

We are based in Canterbury in Kent, but offer our Dell laptop repairs UK wide, we have included our more common repairs below, but if you do not see what your looking for, simply click the request a quote button below and a member of our team will be happy to help you with your laptop repair


How much would it cost to fix a Dell laptop screen?

So you have broken you Dell laptop screen and began to panic, at what the cost is likely to be, well the good news is, its not likely to be as bad as you feared, prices are £120 for a Dell screen replacements up to 15.6, touch screen models the cost will likely to be higher, but we would always tell you the full cost before the repair is started.

If you would like to book our Dell screen repairs UK click here for more info, or if you would like to get the Dell screen repair process started send us a message by clicking here, send us your model number and we will get right back to you with a quote 

We offer our broken Dell screen repairs UK, with a number of options, you can send us your laptop, or you can drop it off at a number of local Royal Mail collection points, we can even arrange a courier to collect, and of course if your local to us, you can drop your repair into our Dell laptop repair shop in Canterbury in Kent

Your Dell laptop screen replacement is likely to take 3 – 5 days, we know how important your laptop can be to your daily life, so we always strive to return your machine back to you as soon as is possible. Your new Dell laptop screen will include a one year warranty against defects, and will be fitted by a technician with years of experience, so no need to worry, your Dell laptop repair is save with us, with over 500 online reviews you do not need to take our word for it

keyboard repair

How much does it cost to replace a keyboard on a Dell laptop in the UK?

The cost to replace your Dell keyboard will be £90, this price includes the cost of parts and fitting, We do offer Dell keyboard replacements UK wide, and can be ordered online via our shop page. 

Your Dell keyboard repair will be to the same quality as your original, and in the unlikely case you have an issue you will be fully covered by our one year warranty, our warranty covers any defects, but excludes user damage.

Signs you need a Dell keyboard repair

  • You tap your Dell laptop keys but they no longer respond
  • You press a key and it types twice, even though you only pressed once
  • You type an a and get an s or any wrong character
  • The letters seem stuck

Can Dell laptop hinges be repaired?

Do Dell laptops have hinge issues, its hard to say for sure it is one of the more common brands we see, but they are also one of the biggest sellers, so its likely not unique to Dell itself. 

Your Dell laptop was likely expensive, but the good news is we offer Dell hinge repairs UK wide for just £80, a great saving on having to replace your Dell laptop, we will repair your Dell laptop hinge first, then fixing the plastics, in most instances your Dell laptop housing will not need to be replaced.

Come to the specialist for Dell repairs UK, with years of experience we are ready to help, any questions feel free to ask, or if you would like to book your Dell hinge repair simply click the button below to get started


Dell DC power jack repairs UK service? only £80

Every Dell laptop needs power to function, no matter what the specs may be. However they are designed to be portable, so its power socket can easily become damaged, a quick jump up from the sofa, or a power supply hanging of the desk can put strain on your Dell DC socket, damaging it so it no longer works. 

Here at Atlantis we have been fixing Dell power sockets for years, first at our laptop repair shop in Canterbury then later offering Dell Dc repairs UK wide. With thousands of satisfied custermers we have plent of expierence fixing broken Dell laptop DC sockets.

As soon as we get your Dell laptop repair a technician will dismantle your laptop, and will solder a new socket when required, your new Dell DC socket will be fully tested, and your laptop reassembled, and sent back to you, with an average repair time of just 3 – 5 days.

Your Dell repair will include a one year warranty, so if it was to break again your fully covered, to book you Dell Power socket repair UK wide, click the button below, where you can place your Dell repair order today.

hp laptop hinge repair

Dell laptop repairs UK?

The above is just a snippet of the Dell repairs Atlantis offers, but there are plenty more available, for a list of our more common Dell reairs in the UK click here, or if you do not see what you need we can send you a quote.

We offer alot of Dell repairs in the UK, with the thousands of Dells out there if not millions, we are unable to list all models, but have included some of the common ranges below for your reference

  • Dell 
hp fan repair

Dell fan replacement UK?

Experiencing fan issues with your Dell laptop in the UK? Trust Atlantis for professional Dell fan replacement services. We offer a Free UK Royal Mail Drop and Collect Service for your convenience. Contact us today to keep your laptop cool and running smoothly.

iPad screens are one of our more popular repairs, they can take a number of drops but one to many and they are likely to smash on you, a lot of the iPad’s available use a separate glass and digitizers, which can easily be replaced and are in most cases just £59.99, sadly not all iPad screens are built this way, and may have an LCD and digitizer fused into one, these models are likely to cost at least double to repair. Atlantis are here to help with you iPad screen replacement

iPad Screen Repair UK


We use our iPhones all day long, and they are now much more then simply a phone to make calls, battery technology has came a long way over the years, considering what we now expect our iPhones to do, being a mini computer in your pocket, its not surprising that sooner or later your iPhone battery will wear out, however if your iPhone was fine before it seems a shame to chuck it out, especially with the current emphasis on the environment, and cost of living, so to help save the planet and your pocket, we offer iPhone battery replacements UK wide from just £35.

iPhone Battery Repair

MacBook Screen Repair UK

We fix all types of laptops including HP and Lenovo  but MacBook repairs are becoming more and more popular, especially MacBook screen repairs with 13″ models being the most common, we have now introduced a one price fits all for this size, so any 13″ MacBook up to 2020 is only £360, this service is available UK wide and now with free Royal Mail drop and collect, you can enjoy our great service at the greatest of prices, backed up by our one year warranty

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