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Laptop Screen Repair Cost UK

We offer laptop screen replacements UK wide

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Laptop Screen Replacement Cost UK? From £99

You have likely been looking for laptop screen repair cost UK,  luckily Atlantis is here to help we replace most brands of laptop screens, hp, acer and more we even offer MacBook screen replacements, with laptop screen replacements starting from £99.

Laptop screens are one of the most fragile parts of your laptop, it is glass after all. Thats why when the time comes for your laptop screen replacement, you chose a company you can trust, with over 500 revicews, you know that we will fit and supply the best quality laptop screens with a one year warranty.

Cracked laptop screen replacements can vary in cost, depending on the make and model, but simply drop us a message and a member of staff will give you a price straight away for your laptop screen replacement.


Hp Laptop Screen Repair UK Wide

HP laptop screen replacements are one of the most popular repairs we see, being one of the biggest brands of laptops its not surprising. You may have dropped and cracked your laptop screen, this is where we can help,  we offer HP screen repairs UK wide,   starting from just £99,  we also offer HP laptop hinge repairs for a fixed price of £80. 

HP have been around since 1939 and been producing laptops since 1984, so as you can imagine there are far to many models to list, but which ever HP laptop model you have be it a pavilion, envy or spectre we can help, simply contact us with your model and we will get right back to you with a price


Dell Laptop Screen Replacement UK

Your Dell laptop isn’t much use without a screen, but being mostly glass they can easily break, that’s ‘when you need us, a company that offers Dell screen repairs UK wide, at prices starting from as little as £99. 

Our Dell screen repair experts have replaced 1000s of screens over the years, and know you want not only the cheapest repair, but a quality repair to. We use only the highest quality laptops screens, and include a one year warranty with all our laptop screen repairs. We can also offer Dell hinge repairs for only £80, for our latest Dell screen replacement, please contact us with your model number 


Lenovo Laptop Screen Repair UK Wide Services

We offer a vast range Lenovo laptop screen repair options, we cover all models including touch screen and non touch models. With both instore and postal Lenovo screen replacements starting from just £99, we can also fix Lenovo laptop hinges for £80 . Our laptop screens come with a 12 months warranty against defects. 

We cover all models of Lenovo laptop screens including the Flex,  IdeaPad, Chromebook , Yoga, ThinkPad and more, for our latest prices please send us the model details of your laptop, and a member of staff will contact you straight away with your Lenovo laptop screen replacement cost


Acer Laptop Screen Replacement UK Wide Services

It can be so frustrating if you have broken your laptop screen, we depend on them so heavily for work and play. We appreciate you want your Acer laptop screen repair complete ASP and offer an average repair time of 3-5 days on Acer laptop screen replacements UK wide, with a starting price of £99, depending on your model, contact us to get the latest prices. 

 We will fit a brand new, high quality screen into your Acer laptop, from brands such as Samsung, LG, AUO and Sharp. We also provide a one year warranty, however your unlikely to ever need it, as our engineers have over 20 years experience in laptop repair. If your screen has became broken due to a hinge fault, we also offer Acer hinge repairs for £80


Asus Laptop Screen Repair UK Wide

Your Asus laptop screen can fail due to variety of reasons, from a gentle drop, or just general wear and tear, we fix all makes and models of laptops, including Asus laptop screen replacements, we offer both instore and postal Asus screen repairs UK wide. 

Because these are so many different models of Asus laptops, with all different makes of screens from Samsung to sharp, we ask you to contact us with your model number so we can provide you with an accurate price. The average starting price for a laptop screen repair is £99, these are non touch screens. Touch screen models are likely to be double this cost. We do also see a number of Asus hinge repairs, which are now available for £80. 


Toshiba Laptop Screen Repair Uk

When you are looking for a Toshiba laptop screen replacement in the UK, its important you chose a company with years of experience, and who only uses high quality screens, after all we depend on our laptops for so many parts of our daily life’s. We offer Toshiba Laptop screen repairs instore, but also offer a UK wide postal service

Toshiba have been round for many years, and is one of our personal favourite makes, as they are work horses, and one of the most durable builds available. Owing to the years they have been available and the pure number of models available, its difficult to list all the models and prices, but they start from £99, for the latest prices simply drop us an email with your model number and a member of our team will send you a price for your Toshiba laptop screen replacement, plus if you go ahead with the repair, you will get a one year warranty as standard,  we also offer Toshiba hinge repairs UK wide for £80

sony laptop hinge repair

Sony Laptop Screen Replacement UK

Have you dropped your Sony laptop and cracked the screen, then don’t panic as we are here to help. We have fixed thousands of laptop screens over the years, many of which were Sony, we offer Sony laptop screen replacements UK wide, via a postal service and in branch. 

You have paid a lot of money for your Sony laptop, and its important that when you have a Sony laptop screen repair, its done by professionals using quality parts.  Our engineers have over 20 years experience in laptop repair, and offer a one year warranty on your new screen, with prices stating from just £99, to get a price for your laptop screen repair, simply drop us a message with your model number and we will get right back to you with a price, we also offer Sony laptop hinge repairs for £80 

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Broken Laptop Screen Repair Cost UK

As a dedicated team of professionals, we take pride in consistently delivering top-notch services to our esteemed clients. We understand the frustration of a broken laptop screen and the need for immediate repair. As such, we are always available to attend to any inquiry about broken laptop screen repair cost in the UK

It is crucial to note that the cost of repairing a broken laptop screen can be influenced by several factors. With our wealth of experience, we advise that you provide us with as much information as possible about the damage, such as the laptop model and the extent of the damage, including any hinge damage.

At our repair centre, we guarantee that our seasoned technicians will deliver quick and quality repair services at the most affordable cost possible. We understand that low-quality repairs may lead to additional damage and even higher repair costs in the long run, which is why we prioritize offering high-standard solutions to all our clients.

Even if you do not use our services, we encourage you to conduct extensive research and seek recommendations from trusted sources, whilst looking for broken laptop screen repair cost in the UK.

We cover all makes and models of laptops including Dell, HP, Asus, Acer, Toshiba & Sony. We only use the best quality laptop keyboards and include a one year warranty with your new laptop keyboard replacement, all for only £80. We offer UK wide postal services and we also offer laptop battery replacements to



We don’t only repair laptop screens,  we offer MacBook screen replacements to, starting from just £360,  we also offer MacBook battery replacements for a fixed price of £150. 

MacBook Keyboard Replacements

Our laptop repair centre assist clients daily in reviving  their beloved laptops! we are constantly upgrading our services, buying new machinery, and expanding our knowledge in an effort to keep our customers’ costs for laptop repairs as low as possible


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