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How Much Does It Cost To Fix A HP Screen?

If you’re facing issues with your HP laptop screen, you’re probably curious about a HP screen repair costs. Here at our service centre, we provide a competitive fixed rate of £120 for replacing screens on HP laptops with sizes up to 15.6 inches. It’s worth noting that this pricing is for non-OLED and non-touch screen models. If you own an OLED or touch screen HP laptop, you can find specific pricing by selecting “Request a Quote” further down the page.

To make things even easier, we offer complimentary Royal Mail postage. This means you can conveniently drop off your HP laptop at your local post office, eliminating any hassle from the process. Once we receive your laptop for its screen repair, our skilled technician will promptly swap out the faulty screen with a brand-new one, ensuring a quick turnaround time. We understand the importance of getting your laptop back in top-notch condition as soon as possible. Simply click Add to cart and we will send your a free postal label .

What’s included:

  • Replacement of HP laptop screens across the UK
  • 1-year Return To Base Warranty for HP screen defects

How Can You Tell You Need A HP Screen Replacement? 

It may be very easy to see your HP laptop screen is broken, if its had a drop and a crack appears then you will need a HP screen replacement. On other occasions it may not be that simple, we always welcome people to pop in or to send a photo so we may give you our opinion. To help guide our customers we have given some signs below
  • HP screen has no visible cracks but has a mixture of colours that look like oil.
  • Vertical or horizontal lines across your HP LCD, may be a sign but can also be caused be the cable
  • If your shine a light against your HP laptop screen you can see a faint image
  • Black screen but can hear a sound, this can also be a cable issue or screen
  • If you have a OLED or touch screen model please press the button below
Are The HP Screens You Use Original

No as its just not possible to use a Hewlett Packard screen replacement, as they do not manufacture them, HP screens are all made by third parties such as Samsung, BOE to name a few, this is the same for most laptop manufacturers, including the screens used in DELL, what we will use will be the equivalent and the same quality and possibly even better then the one currently in use.

How Long Do HP Laptop Screen Repairs Take?

This will depend on the HP model you have, if we have the replacement in stock it will be fitted same day, non stock LCD’s on average will take 3 – 5 days, we appreciate that your laptop can be essential so we will always do our best to get your HP laptop repair complete as soon as possible

Info About How Our HP Screen Replacement UK Postal Service Work


We do offer HP screen repairs in Canterbury, Kent where you can drop your system into us , however if your not local to us and opt to use our free postal service, you can post your laptop to us from any local post office. Once your HP screen repair arrives with us, a laptop technician will get to work straight away,  and a member of staff will contact you once your HP repair is ready to return

hp laptop hinge repair
Some Of The HP Screen Repair Models We Cover

To act as a guide we have included just a few of the HP screen repairs we offer, there are so many thousands of models it would be impossible to cover them all, but if you do not see yours, we are still likely to be able to help.

  • HP Essential Screen Repair UK
  • HP Pavilion Screen Replacement UK
  • HP ENVY Screen Repair UK
  • HP Spectre Screen Replacement UK
  • HP ProBook Screen Repair UK
  • HP EliteBook Screen Replacement UK
  • HP Gaming Screen Repair UK
  • HP Chromebook Screen Replacement UK
HP Own Warranty

If your HP laptop is less then a year old you may be covered under their warranty, their warranty will exclude any user inflicted damage, however if there is no obvious damage, you HP screen replacement may be covered, and its always worth checking with them first via their site HP support.

Our Warranty

Its unlikely for a screen to fail under warranty, but if it does, we offer you a one year warranty against defects, sadly this excludes user damage such as impact

HP Screen Replacement Prices

£ 120
  • Free Postage Both Ways
  • One Year Warranty
  • Covers All HP Non Touch Up To 15.6"

HP Screen Replacement Prices

UK wide HP screen repairs, with one year warranty & free postage

HP Essential Screen Repair UK£120
HP Pavilion Screen Replacement UK£120
HP ENVY Screen Repair UK£120
HP Spectre Screen Replacement UK£120
HP ProBook Screen Repair UK£120
HP EliteBook Screen Replacement UK£120
HP Gaming Screen Repair UK£120
HP Chromebook Screen Replacement UK£120


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