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We offer a wide range of laptop repairs in Canterbury, Kent

laptop repair

Laptop Repair Canterbury Kent

Atlantis laptop repairs in Canterbury Kent have over 20 years experience in helping you with your laptop repair needs, we are the highest rated local laptop repair shop, and ranked 12th out of 500 UK based repair companies, We do not only offer a walk-in service, but also nationwide postal laptop repair service. We cover all makes and models of laptops and can deal with any fault from software to hardware issues. We believe much of our success is due to providing a simple and honest service, at a reasonable cost, we are not here to bamboozle our customers, as most just want to know the basic fault, cost and time. We have included our most common repair services below, but if you do not see what your looking for or have a question, please pop in, send us a message or give us a call, where our staff will be happy to help.

Laptop Mot

One of our most popular laptop repairs in Canterbury is our heath check, as the name suggest its a full mechanical operational test, and best of all its only £35. It includes. Microscope: Full hardware check, this will often identify hard drive issues before its to late and data becomes lost. Virus Scan: Using latest definitions , we will scan and remove any virus threats found. Malware: We find most machines contain malware, this will remove any malware found. Registry: Your Windows Registry will be scanned, and all invalid entries removed. Start-up: You machine start-up is often full of programs that do not need to be there, removal of these will often increase your systems speed. Dust: We will blow the dust build up from your machine, decreasing heat and increasing performance . You can drop your machine into our laptop repair shop in Canterbury Kent, or use our postal repair service by clicking the link below

Laptop Dc Socket Repairs Canterbury

The best way to prevent your laptop power socket from becoming damaged, is for your laptop to sit on the desk, with the power brick rested beside it, but its easier said then done, and a more common scenario is your laptop balanced on the sofa arm with the power supply dangling from the side as you catch up on your favourite tv programs, this sadly over time pulls on the delicate dc pin, until it ultimately breaks, luckily Atlantis laptop dc socket repairs in Canterbury Kent can repair this for you. Atlantis engineers will remove your broken socket, soldering a new one into place, enabling you once again to charge your laptop. We charge a set fee of £80 for this service and covers most makes and models, you can use our walk-in service in Canterbury Kent without the need to pre-book, or our postal service available from the link below. Your new socket will also include a one year warranty against defects

Laptop Hinge Repairs Canterbury Kent

We have seen a sharp increase in laptop hinge repairs in recent years, and it seems mostly due to the manufacturers switching to sleeker and cheaper designs. Hinges will often become seized preventing your laptop from opening, if you then try to open the laptop lid, it will often then rip the support screw mounts from the base and lid of your laptop, damaging the plastics as well. or possibly your screen. Atlantis laptop hinge repairs in Canterbury Kent, can in most cases repair your hinges for £80, we will also endeavour to re-bond the support grommets, and join any cracks within your casing to avoid the additional cost of replacing these. We provide this as a walk-in service and a postal service which is available from the below link, we also include a 1 year warranty with this repair

Laptop Keyboard Replacement In Canterbury Kent

Does your keyboard type random characters, or perhaps it does not respond at all, this can be very frustrating when you need to use your laptop. Atlantis laptop repair keyboard in Canterbury Kent, know how important your laptop can be, and we aim to replace your faulty keyboard as soon as we possibly can, we support all makes and models, and in most cases can fit a brand new keyboard for just £60, including a 1 year warranty. We offer a laptop keyboard replacements Canterbury Kent, via a walk in service, or if your not local you can also use our postal service , available from the below link. For the full cost of your keyboard replacement including labour, please call or email us.

Laptop Screen Repairs Canterbury Kent

Laptop screens can become broken in a variety of ways, often from a pen being left on a keyboard when closing, or an unexpected drop. Many people wrongly believe that the cost will be greater then the value of the laptop, luckily Atlantis laptop screen replacements in Canterbury Kent can replace most standard laptop screens for just £99, with many held in stock for a quick repair. We offer a walk-in screen repair service in our Canterbury store, with no need to make a prior booking, but also offer a postal service available by clicking our repair link below. Your new screen will come with our one year warranty, and will be fitted by an engineer with years of experience to ensure a perfect repair. Simply contact us with the make and model of your laptop, and a member our team will give you a price for your laptop screen repair

Laptop Water Damage Repair Canterbury Kent

Liquid damage does not always need to be the end of your laptops life, the majority can actually be saved if the damage is addressed quickly. Atlantis water damage laptop repairs in Canterbury, will immediately strip down your laptop and clean all the major components, to minimise the effects of corrosion, we will then find any damaged board SMD components and replace those that are replaceable, in most cases we can achieve a fully working laptop for just £130, if we find more major components such as a screen or hard drive have became irreversibly liquid damaged, we will call and advise you of any additional cost before proceeding. If despite our best effects your laptop is uneconomical to repair, there is only a £15 inspection fee payable. You can bring your laptop to us in Canterbury without the need to book prior, or if you prefer you can use our postal service by clicking the link below

Laptop USB PORT Repair Canterbury Kent

USB and other ports such as HDMI can often fail. Atlantis USB port repairs in Canterbury Kent have the skills and equipment to successfully remove your old damaged ports and solder a new one into place for just £80. We support most makes and models of laptops, and include a 1 year warranty on your port repair. We offer a drop of service in Canterbury, or you can use our nationwide postal repair service by clicking the link below..

Laptop Motherboard Repair Canterbury Kent

Laptop logic boards tend to be the most expensive part of a laptop to replace, often making a repair unviable. Atlantis laptop motherboard repairs in Canterbury Kent recognised this problem many years ago, and have invested time and money in identifying where the issues commonly lay within mainboards. We are able to successfully repair many component level faults from mosfets, capacitors ad GPU failures. We offer a set price of £100 for a successful laptop mainboard repair, and £15 if the board is found to be beyond viable to repair, this service is available via our walk-in service in Canterbury Kent, without the need to pre-book or through our nationwide repair service, available from the link below

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I have used Atlanis for the last twenty years or so and have found that they have always been able to fix any problems that I have had with my laptops and phones……Always been helpful and has not cost an arm and a leg. Well done Atlanis.

Carl Barnes
Have used this service MANY times and they are always honest about the best options for you – even if this means they make less money out of it. iPhone screens are quick reasonable and done whilst you wait. We trust them completely and would not go any where else. I even overheard them once show an old lady who thought she was having major problems on her laptop – that it was just a switch on the side – then sent her away with no charge. Brilliant, Trustworthy and highly recommended.
Jo Debenham
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