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PS4 Repairs

PlayStation 4 Repair UK Wide

Playstation Repair

PS4 Repair UK

If you’re located in the UK and happen to be experiencing issues with your beloved PlayStation 4 console, fear not! Our professional services are here to assist you and get your back up and running in no time. We understand the frustration that comes with console malfunctions and that’s why we offer reliable and timely repair solutions to ensure you can continue playing all your favourite games without interruption. From hardware replacements to software tweaks, our team of dedicated professionals possess the expertise and knowledge to diagnose and fix any technical problems your PS4 may be experiencing. So why wait? Contact us today and let us help you get back to enjoying the endless entertainment possibilities that your PlayStation 4 has to offer.

ps4 blue light of death repair

PS4 HDMI Repair UK

Are you looking to get your PS4 HDMI port repaired. We are here to help. Our expert technicians have extensive experience in fixing all sorts of gaming consoles, including PS4.

We use only the highest quality parts and reliable techniques to ensure your PS4 HDMI is repaired to the best possible standard. Our aim is to ensure you have the best gaming experience possible, without any interruptions.

We know how important your gaming is to you, which is why we offer fast and reliable repairs, with drop off and free Royal Mail drop and collect, the price you see is the price you get. So lets get you back to playing your favourite games in no time. And best of all we include a one year warranty with your PlayStation PS4 repair


Playstation Repair

PS4 Blue Light Of Death Repair

If you are experiencing the dreaded PS4 Blue Light of Death error, fear not – we can help! Our team of expert technicians specialize in repairing this common issue and restoring your console back to its full functionality. Don’t let the frustration of a malfunctioning PlayStation ruin your gaming experience – bring it to or post it to us for a quick and reliable repair. We use only top-quality replacement parts and guarantee our work to ensure your complete satisfaction. With our affordable prices and convenient repair services, there’s no reason to put up with the hassle of a faulty PlayStation 4. Contact us or order today to schedule your Blue Light of Death repair and get back to gaming in no time!



PlayStation 4 Hard Drive Repair

Are you looking for a PS4 hard drive repair. We are here to help. As an electronic device, the hard drive of your PS4 can encounter technical issues that require repair. A malfunctioning hard drive can cause a range of problems, from system crashes, loading delays, inability to save data and game progress, or even the inability to turn on the system. Our professional team will at first attempt to clone your drive onto a new 1tb drive, if this fails we will perform a clean install, we use the best available tools and techniques to restore your device’s optimal functionality. So, it’s important to get your PS4 hard drive repaired as soon as possible to get back to your favourite PS4 gaming experience. Don’t hesitate to contact us for any further details or to schedule a repair service today.



PS4 Disc Repair

Are you looking for assistance with your PlayStation 4  Blu-ray drive. We understand the difficulties you may have faced with ejecting discs or playing them on your console, and we are here to help. Our team of experts are experienced in providing solutions to issues related to Blu-ray drives, and we can assist you with ease.

It is our goal to ensure that you have a seamless gaming experience, and we are committed to providing you with the necessary repair needed to achieve this. In our efforts to assist you, we offer a range of services that include replacing your Blu-ray drive or laser, and fixing ejecting issues, and providing advice on best practices to maintain the longevity of your console’s Blu-ray drive.

We understand the value of your console and we aim to deliver exceptional service to you. Contact us today or book online, and get back to enjoying your gaming experience.


PS4 Power Supply Repair

At our repair centre, we offer professional and reliable PS4 power supply repair services to help restore your PlayStation 4 to optimal performance. Whether you’re struggling with symptoms like a flashing blue light, no power, or other power issues, our team of trained and experienced technicians have the skills and expertise needed to diagnose and fix the problem. With a commitment to delivering high-quality and efficient service, we use only top-of-the-line tools and equipment to get your PS4 up and running again. Don’t let power issues keep you from enjoying your favourite games – trust our team to provide the reliable repairs you need. Contact us today to schedule your PS4 power supply repair, now offering free UK drop and collect so all you will pay is the cost of your PlayStation 4 repair


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I came in with my Xbox controller and one of buttons came off and the man in the shop fixed it in less than 5 minutes for me FOR FREE! Really nice gesture and service

Twice I’ve been in to Atlantis and the first time my PS3 was broken beyond repair, and the second time my laptop could be fixed over the counter in 5 minutes. Both times for the overnight diagnostic and the over the counter quick fix I wasn’t charged for their time and effort. You can tell they know their stuff. Will definitely be bringing my damaged electronics fixed here again and hopefully for them i’ll eventually bring them something they can make some money off!
Gary James Smith
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