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HP Keyboard Replacement Kent & UK Wide Only £90

How Much Does It Cost To Fix A HP keyboard?

Have you been looking for how much does it cost to fix a HP keyboard? well the good news is its only £90. We provide HP keyboard repairs for most models. With some of the lowest prices available in the UK, but with the best quality to, unlike other companies we do not replace the entire palm rest, but just the keyboard itself keeping your cost low. We also offer free Royal Mail drop and collect if your not local, meaning you just pay £90 in total.

Can HP Keyboards Be Repaired?

The keyboard itself is unlikely to be repairable, its just the way they are designed, what we offer are full HP keyboard replacements UK wide, unless its just a single key that has came lose, then these can easily be pushed in place, or if missing we would advise you buy a single key on ebay, and bring it in if your local, where we will happily fit this into place free of charge.



How Can You Tell You Need A HP Keyboard Repair? 

Restarting your laptop does not solve your issue

You press one key and it jams or does not respond

You press one key and it types more then 1 character

Your keys are hard to press, this could be dirt or liquid damage

Run HP keyboard diagnostics, instructions are here

Lettering is warn down, making it impossible to read the keys

Do We Use Genuine HP Keyboard Replacements

Unfortunately original keyboards are only available for many models for the first few years, as most keyboards do not fail for 3 years and beyond, we find we are only able to get compatible HP keyboard replacements for most models, the ones we use are always made to the same specifications of the original, so you are unlikely to notice a difference, and they will be on par with the quality of the one originally shipped with your HP laptop


How Long Does A HP Laptop Keyboard Repair Take?

As long as you have a UK model,  our HP keyboards repairs tend to take 3 – 5 days, if its a non UK layout its hard to say, we find many other languages are available from our UK HP keyboard replacement suppliers, so will not take any longer, but if your keyboard needs to be imported,  it may take a couple of weeks, but we will always advise you of this prior with an estimated rotation.

How Does Our HP Laptop Keyboard Repair UK Service Work

We offer HP keyboard repairs in Canterbury Kent instore, so if your local to us, you can drop your HP repair into us,  if your not close by you can post your laptop to us,  if you prefer we can also arrange a courier to collect your HP keyboard repair anywhere in the UK. Simply click ADD TO CART  at the bottom of this page and you can select your option on checkout. Once we receive your laptop and engineer will remove your keyboard from the palm rest and fit and test your new HP keyboard. We will then contact you to let you know once your HP laptop keyboard repair is ready to collect or dispatch.

Warranty On HP Keyboard Repairs

We doubt your HP keyboard replacement will fail under warranty, however if you were to have an issue you will be fully covered by our one year return to base warranty, this covers you for any defects, but excludes user damage such as liquid spillage. If your machine is under one year of age, with no visible damage you may also still be covered under the HP keyboard warranty which you can check direct with them via their website.

How To Repair A HP Laptop Keyboard

You may wonder how you can repair a HP keyboard yourself, sadly we have seen this attempted a number of times, we see laptops everyday, and are skilled at tearing these down, unless you have experience, we would advise against it,  as can lead to more costly and greater damage. The keyboards are often bonded onto the palm rest on newer systems, if the new keyboard is not bonded correctly it will lead to a dip, or if you go for a full palm rest and keyboard these will often be more expensive then the price we charge.

Example Of HP Keyboard Repairs We Offer

HP has been around for such a long time, there are literally thousands of models, and would make for a pretty long list. We have included some of the more common ones below, but if you do not see what you need, feel free to contact us

HP Essential Keyboard Repairs UK

HP Pavilion Keyboard Replacement UK

HP ENVY Keyboard Repairs UK

HP Spectre Keyboard Replacement UK

HP ProBook Keyboard Repair UK

HP EliteBook Keyboard Replacement UK

HP Gaming Keyboard Repair UK

HP Chromebook Keyboard Replacement UK

So if your HP keyboard has broken keys or suffered a spillage we can help. All new keyboards will include a year warranty and we offer a walk-in HP keyboard repair service in Canterbury Kent and a nationwide HP laptop repair service via a courier.

Atlantis HP laptop keyboard repairs in Canterbury, are able to replace keyboards on most models of HP laptops. We offer some of the lowest prices available and always offer the best quality made keyboards. We can often replace keyboards which are riveted to the palm rest, without the need for a new shell , helping to keep cost low.

HP Laptop Keyboard Replacement UK

£ 90
  • Free Postage Both Ways
  • One Year Warranty
  • Covers All UK Models

HP Keyboard Replacement Prices

UK wide HP keyboard repairs, with one year warranty & free postage

HP Essential Keyboard Repairs UK£90
HP Pavilion Keyboard Replacement UK£90
HP ENVY Keyboard Repairs UK£90
HP Spectre Keyboard Replacement UK£90
HP ProBook Keyboard Repair UK£90
HP EliteBook Keyboard Replacement UK£90
HP Gaming Keyboard Repair UK£90
HP Chromebook Keyboard Replacement UK£90


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