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Apple iMac Repairs Canterbury

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Apple iMac Repairs Canterbury Kent

Are you in need of an iMac repair, Atlantis Apple iMac repairs in Canterbury Kent has engineers with over 20 years experience in the IT industry, we are here to help you, resolve all your iMac related issues, we can help with all manner of faults from software to hardware. We offer walk in service for Apple iMac repairs in Wincheap, Canterbury in Kent, where you can come into discuss your iMac problems with a member of staff. We have all the required equipment to diagnose deep hardware issues, and software faults, we have also invested heavily in micro soldering equipment, allowing us to often repair faults at the board level, saving you many hundreds of pounds by avoiding the need to replace costly circuit boards. We have given an example of some Apple iMac repairs below, but please send us details of your model and fault using the contact us link below, so we may advise you of the likely cost to repair your iMac

iMac Health Check In Canterbury Kent

Having an iMac MOT, can often find and solve a number of iMac software issues, for just for £35, often also speeding up your iMac in the progress. Sadly the health check will not repair iMac hardware issues, but will identify faulty hardware components, allowing us to accurately provide a quotation of cost of parts needed to be repair your iMac, helping to get your iMac running smoothly again. We have provided a basic list of what you can expect to receive from your Mac health check below.
  • Hardware test using Microscope diagnostics
  • We will scan your iMac for Virus threats, and remove any discovered
  • Our Malware scan will clean any Malware found on your iMac machine
  • All Adware will be removed
  • You iMac Registry will be checked and cleaned
  • General iMac systems check

Example of previous iMac Repairs

The client had recently moved and in the process their iMac screen had became broken, after they brought the system into our iMac repair shop in Canterbury Kent we were quickly able to identify that only the glass was cracked, and the LCD was fine. As it was an older model the glass is not bonded to the LCD itself so can be individually changed, we ordered a replacement glass that arrived the following day and replaced it that same afternoon, this cost the customer only a £100, if this was a newer model the glass and LCD would be bonded, and would normally both need to be changed increasing the cost dramatically.
  • iMac glass replacement, total cost with parts and labour £100

Example of previous iMac repairs Canterbury Kent

A client brought their iMac into our repair shop in Canterbury Kent displaying a white screen only, the machine still powered up making a chime but not much else. Luckily we have seen this issue a number of times with iMacs and other brands of machines, it mostly relates to the Nvidia graphic chips, often materialising with a blank screen or artefacts on the display. This issue is often due to the solder pads failing under the GPU, in the majority of cases we can re-solder these using an ir soldering station, and will charge £130, if the GPU itself has failed a replacement chip or board will be needed.
  • iMac GPU repair, total cost £130

MacBook battery replacements Canterbury Kent & UK wide, for the Air and Pro models. postal and instore services,  using best MacBook battery cells , all with a one year warranty all for just £150

Hitting your MacBook  keyboard keys as hard as you can, and still does not want to work, being the most heavily used part of your MacBook its often one of the first parts to fail, and the most important. We know how important your MacBook keyboard replacements is to you, and that’s why we only use quality parts, and offer MacBook keyboard repairs in Canterbury Kent & UK wide postal services and instore for a one price fits all, at just £150 

If you have broken your screen, then you have came to the right place, we offer 2010-2020 MacBook screen replacements for just £360, this includes a high grade screen, fitted by professionals and one year warranty, for both the MacBook Air & MacBook Pro. UK wide and instore service MacBook screen repair

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My husband took my laptop to this Company and he has always walked very impressed. I went to Atlantis today as my USB had fallen apart and I desperately required the information on the USB. The team within this business were fantastic built a little platform for me to still use the USB and I now have all the information transferred onto my laptop and stored on another USB. Thank you Atlantis for saving my bacon. I will defo be coming back to you in the future and will recommend you every time.
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