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Looking for Computer repairs in Canterbury Kent,  we have over 20 years experience in computer repairs in Canterbury and are the 11th top rated Pc repair shop in the Uk on Free Index reviews, proving that we are trusted experts and that your computer repair will be in safe hands.  We can diagnose all your PC issues, from software to hardware. We have invested heavily in Pc repair diagnostic equipment. Including over £800 on diagnostics software which will fully scan for computer hardware issues, including detecting early hard drive faults prior to failure, thus helping to prevent data loss from your PC,  a feature we have have found many integrated system diagnostics do not do. We are always happy to offer honest advice about your Pc repair needs, and your welcome to visit our Pc repair shop in Canterbury Kent or give us a call, we have given an example of some of the common repairs we provide below.

Pc Mot

Our Pc Health Check is probably one of our most popular Pc repair options, its ideal for solving computer software issues such as viruses and speed problems, its also a good starting point, to diagnose more serious issues, this service is available without pre-booking from our Pc repair shop in Canterbury, Kent, we charge £35 for our computer health check service and have included a quick run down of what’s included below

  • Full Microscope hardware diagnostics
  • Virus scan and removal
  • Malware scan and removal
  • Adware scan and clean
  • Registry scan and clean
  • Start-up non essential program removal
  • General systems check
  • Fan clean, and dust removal

Example Of Previous PC Repairs In Canterbury Kent
Problem & Cost

A non branded computer that had no power at all, the client desperately wanted data on the machine, Our technicians at Atlantis Pc repairs in Canterbury Kent found the power supply had died, the cost of the power supply was £35, and an inspection cost of £15 was charged, we would normally recommend a health check on a machine to detect other possible issues, however it was an old machine and the client only wanted to retrieve data as had already brought a new machine, so we kept cost to a minimum.
  • Power supply £35
  • Inspection £15
  • Total Pc repair cost £50

Example Of Previous Computer Repair in Canterbury Kent
Problem & Cost


A Dell Pc was unable to boot into windows, we ran a full hard ware check, and found the HDD was failing, this caused the data to be hard to be read by the Pc, we were able to clone the faulty drive, retaining all the customers data, and then run an operating system recovery to enable the system to then boot correctly. Atlantis computer repairs in Canterbury Kent charged £35 for the system health check, £45 for the replacement drive and £50 for the HDD clone and recovery installation.

  • PC MOT £35
  • New HDD £45
  • HDD Clone & recovery £50
  • Total computer repair cost £130
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Computer Virus Removal in Canterbury


Has your computer got a virus? Are you sick of all the obnoxious pop-ups? Very sluggish internet? computers running really slowly? Give your computer to Atlantishc Services for cleaning. To tidy up and optimize you computer and get it working at its best, our  service professionals stay current on all the most recent virus and spyware removal techniques.

After one of Atlantishc technicians has cleaned  your computer, it will once again run as good as new

  • Virus & Malware Removal £35
pc health check

Computer Repair or Replace

Since we have been in the PC repair industry for so long, we have become experts in replacing and repairing all kinds of computer faults.

We are happy to help with any computer repair in any condition, and we will always offer you a professional service.  If we find a situation where your computer is completely damaged, and the cost of replacing failed  components would be greater than the cost of a new computer, we will be honest and tell you this.

Real talk from our real customers

Loyal customers, they don’t just come back, they don’t simply recommend you, they insist that their friends do business with you.

We had mechanical problems with our disk-drive, and further issues when trying to burn to an audio disc. They resolved both problems very effectively, also offering helpful advice on the best way forward. Atlantis are offering a great local “walk-in” service, and we are grateful for the friendly and professional approach we were offered.

Jonathan Mansfield
The bees knees for sorting my mobile and my Samsung PC monitor that everyone walked away from. However after 20 minutes of their magic wand treatment and it is all back to normal. Thanks all. Keith M.
Absolutely 100/10 service. Walked in with my desktop pc after having hardware issues and they fixed it then and there, very quick and considerate to my needs. Please come here, they are very knowledgeable. Thank you so much!

Great customer services, excellent timing and very helpful with every detail. I fixed my phone and I have changed my graphic card with them. They even helped me to research the Pc graphic card which will fit my purpose best, even though it had not much to do with their services. Great attention to detail, ability to identify the problem quick and fair pricing. I would use their services again for sure.

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