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MacBook Battery Repair UK Wide Service

You have likely been googling MacBook battery replacement cost UK, and its brought you to the right place, we offer a one price fits all to help keep your MacBook battery repair simple, for both MacBook Pro battery replacements and MacBook Air battery repair, this covers all years and models. We are certainly not the cheapest or the most expensive.  Sadly high quality always comes at a price, there is no such thing as a cheap quality battery. We have all brought 10 AA batteries for a £1 at a local pound store, seems like a bargain, great for remotes, but for anything else they do not last. Unfortunately you pay a premium for the big brands but they last longer, and its the same for a MacBook battery replacement. You invested a lot of money in an Apple MacBook, because your wanted the best, and we would not cheat you by offering you less. All our MacBook battery replacements are just £150

Symptoms You Need A New MacBook Battery Replacement

Its important to look out for the tell tell signs, that your MacBook Air Battery or MacBook Pro Battery needs replacing, we find its often the first part to fail on a  MacBook due to wear and tear.

Most MacBook batteries need replacement after 1000 cycles, if you click on your battery icon, you should get a message Service Battery, its time for a MacBook battery repair if you see this notification.

You may also find on some MacBook’s when a battery is faulty they slow down, and the fan runs loudly, this does not always mean a battery fault, but can be a symptom your MacBook battery is in need of repair, especially if your MacBook is reporting it needs a battery replacement

Another clear sign of a MacBook battery fault is your touchpad begins to lift, this will often be caused by the battery underneath swelling, in such cases we would advise against continued use, as there may be a risk of fire.

Do You Use Original MacBook Batteries

The simple answer is no, we would love to, but Apple does not make batteries easily available to third party repair centres. Owing to the fact apple do not sell batteries to 3rd parties you must question any company who claims to do so. Most of the so called original batteries available online are counterfeit or second user, you would be hard pushed to see a cosmetic difference, the fakes could easily pass as original.

At best the so called original MacBook battery replacements are just low quality and wont last long, or second hand batteries reprogramed to show as new with 0 cycles, however these can also be extremely dangerous, a quick look on YouTube at lithium battery explosions will show you that, and if its fake to start with the producer isn’t going to be to concerned with safety.

Do You Use Quality MacBook Batteries

Yes,  apple do not make the batteries themselves, most will use cells produced by the likes of Samsung, and Sony, who also sell to other manufacturers. We source our batteries from only trusted UK & European companies, that abide by strict UK and EU safety laws, and supply batteries to the same specification as the originals, we do not buy from auction websites like some other MacBook battery repair companies, that’s why we are confident that you will have a quality battery, and guarantee this with a one year warranty.

How Do You Replace A MacBook Battery

This will depend on your experience and on the age of your MacBook battery, older machines will just have screws holding your battery in place and you will likely need a Philips and a Tri Wing screw driver, if you do decide to try yourself, please do not buy a MacBook battery replacement that seems the cheapest on an auction site, but from a reputable company, research is paramount

Once you receive your battery hold your old and new MacBook battery in each hand, if there is a major weight difference this would mean there are missing cells. The newer MacBook battery replacements are taped in, these take a lot more work to remove, please do not attempt unless your confident, as these can easily become punctured and explode

You will also find flex cables on the newer machines can become damaged if not handled correctly. Before you attempt MacBook battery repair we would always advise you watch some teardown videos.

How Do I Book A MacBook Battery Replacement

If your local you can simply drop your MacBook battery repair into store, no need to pre-book. We have an average turn around of 3 – 5 working days, or if your not close by,  simply add you order to the cart, and a member of staff will contact you to arrange a courier to collect your MacBook battery replacement, or if you prefer you can send it to us using your preferred postal services

Atlantis MacBook Air battery repairs and MacBook Pro Batteries replacement, if you have any questions please use our contact form or call us, we are always happy to help


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