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iPhone Repairs Canterbury

Essential iPhone Repairs in Canterbury Kent, including iPhone screen repairs, often whilst you wait, using only premium parts. Also a UK wide iPhone repair service

iphone repair canterbury
iiphone repair canterbury

Expert iPhone Repair in Canterbury

Atlantis is your go-to destination for top-notch iPhone repair services in Canterbury! Conveniently located on the outskirts of Canterbury, we’ve been catering to customers for numerous years, gaining extensive experience and expertise in resolving various Apple iPhone issues with precision and care.

Why Choose Atlantis for iPhone Repair in Canterbury?

  • Specialized Services: From iPhone screen repair to water damage restoration and more, we offer a wide range of specialized services to address all your iPhone repair needs effectively.

  • Exceptional Service: Our commitment to delivering exceptional service is evident in the hundreds of positive online reviews from satisfied customers. Trust us to provide reliable solutions that exceed your expectations.

  • Flexibility and Convenience: Whether you prefer to visit our shop in person or opt for our convenient postal repair services, we accommodate your needs. Our fixed pricing ensures transparency, and you can easily access our comprehensive list of common iPhone repairs and charges on our website.

  • Personalized Support: Can’t find your device’s repair issue listed? No problem! Our dedicated team is always available to address your iPhone repair queries via phone, email, or in-store consultations.

With Atlantis, your iPhone is in safe hands. Experience the difference with our professional and reliable repair services. Contact us today to schedule your iPhone repair in Canterbury!

iphone broken screen repair

iPhone Screen Repair Canterbury

At Atlantis, we pride ourselves on being the best iPhone repair company in Canterbury Kent. Our prompt and efficient services ensure that you never have to suffer from the inconvenience and distress caused by a broken iPhone screen. We understand that a broken screen can disrupt your daily routine; this is why we have highly skilled technicians who can replace your iPhone screen in no time through our convenient walk-in service in Canterbury. Gone are the days where you had to pre-book your iPhone screen repair, as we keep the most popular iPhone screens in stock .

In addition to our walk-in iPhone repair service, we also offer a reliable postal screen repair service, which is perfect if you’re not local to our Canterbury branch. Our advanced quality screens come equipped with colour X technology, providing vibrant colours and a crystal-clear picture, giving your iPhone a new lease of life. Our premium screens are designed using the G+G touch structure, which ensures that your touch remains smooth without any freezing, and an exceptional glass quality that guarantees an extended life for your iPhone.

At Atlantis, we don’t just prioritize speed; we also ensure that we provide quality services. Therefore, we offer a 12-month warranty against defects (excluding breakages) to ensure that you get the most out of your newly repaired screen. For added protection, we also provide free screen protectors in-store to ensure that your screen stays safe and sound.

Check out our website to view our current in-store and postal iPhone screen repair prices. At Atlantis, we are committed to providing top-notch iPhone repair services that are reliable and affordable.


iPhone Repair Canterbury Battery Replacement

Bring your iPhone back to life, is your iPhone battery losing its charge quicker, or perhaps it does not charge at all, then Atlantis iPhone battery repairs in Canterbury Kent can help. Over time your battery cells health deteriorates, and needs replacing. You will find there are a number of iPhone battery replacements available, and some will be extremely cheap, the reason being is not all batteries are created equally. You may have brought AA batteries in a pound store in the past and found they drained in a matter of days, the same goes for iPhone batteries, cheap is not always better. We use only premium iPhone battery replacements. that have had no previous charging cycles, and use original circuits that correctly report life cycles to your phone, you will often find fake batteries will report always at a 100 percent, and will not include the same safety features. Our batteries are not the cheapest as we only use branded cells matching the original capacity of your iPhone, and that’s why we are confident providing a 12mth warranty. We provide a walk-in iPhone battery replacements in Canterbury and a postal service

iPhone Repairs Canterbury Kent Charging Port

We often see iPhone’s with charging port problems, these can easily become broken after years of consistently plugging in and unplugging . Atlantis iPhone charging port repairs in Canterbury Kent can replace you broken socket if needed, this will also replace your microphone, however in many cases your socket may be fine, if you find your cable wiggles or does not fully insert , then the odds are your socket is just dirty. We believe honesty is the best policy, so unlike other iPhone repair shops we will not sell you a new port if its not needed, and we will clean it free of charge in-store, and if your a postal customer, there is just a £10 admin fee and postage. We offer a walk-in iPhone socket/dock repair service & a Uk wide postal service, your repair also includes 1 year return to base warranty

iPhone Repairs Canterbury Kent Liquid Damage

Water damage to you iPhone is one of the worst things that can happen. Luckily Atlantis iPhone water damage repairs in Canterbury Kent have a high success rate of repair. For just £50 we will strip down your iPhone and clean any corrosion on the mainboard and replace any damaged flexes. If we find a screen or battery etc needs to be replaced, we will advise you of any cost. If your iPhone is found to be beyond viable to repair, your will only be charged a £15 inspection fee. This service is available without booking in store or by using our postal service

iPhone Repair Canterbury Camera and Lens Repair

Have you missed taking memorable photos when out and about , or perhaps you can no longer take selfies owing to your back or front iPhone camera no longer working, Atlantis iPhone camera repairs in Canterbury offer both a walk-in service without an appointment needed and a nationwide postal service, we can replace both back and front cameras, we can also replace broken lenses, enabling you once more to take those perfect photos. Our iPhone repair shop in Canterbury, have engineers with years of experience in iPhone repairs and only use the best quality parts, that’s why your repair will always include our one year warranty

iPhone Repairs Canterbury Kent Speaker

Atlantis iPhone speaker repairs in Canterbury Kent can replace your faulty loud or earpiece speaker, we offer a drop in service in-store, with no need to book, or if you prefer you can use our postal service. Often your speaker may not need replacing at all, if your earpiece iPhone speaker seems muffled or quiet this may just be a sign of a dirt build up, we can repair this free of charge in store, and if you have opted to use our postal service you will be charged just a £10 admin fee and postage. If your speaker does need replacing your new part will include a 12mth return to base warranty for peace of mind.

iPhone Repair Canterbury Kent, Glass Replacement, Casing

The iPhone rear is often the most neglected part of your iPhone, often becoming dented and scratched, it can make an expensive phone look old and tatty. In an ideal world we would all use our cases to protect it , but often we forget. We can rehouse your iPhone into a brand new back, making it once again look as good as new, Atlantis iPhone back repairs in Canterbury have lost count of how many glass backs and metal housing we have changed over the years, but you can be confident that we always provide a perfect finish. You can drop your iPhone into us without and appointment or use our nationwide postal service

iPhone Home Button Repair

Atlantis iPhone home button repairs in Canterbury Kent, deal with a large range of iPhone problems, one of the most frequent problems we encounter is an unresponsive home button, you can of course enable a onscreen home button but its never the same. We can fit a brand new home button to your iPhone, even the iPhone 7 or 8, returning you home button function back to normal. Sadly only Apple can restore the finger print function to your iPhone as the machinery for this is not in the public domain. We offer our services both at our iPhone repair shop in Canterbury and via a mail-in service.

iPhone Repair Canterbury Kent Headphone Socket Replacement

The iPhone has now largely taken the place of iPods for music, this is all well and good unless you headphone socket fails, this will often result in only left or right audio, or no audio at all. We have been repairing iPhone sockets for years in our iPhone headphone socket repair shop in Canterbury, we also offer a postal service. We will remove your old broken socket and fit a brand new one, including a one year warranty against the fault reoccurring. So let Atlantis help you hear your favourite music once more

iPhone Power Button Or Volume Button Repairs

You may have found over time your iPhone power button or volume buttons jam, or they not respond at all. This can cause a nuisance causing your volume to drop. This can simply be resolved by replacing the internal flexes. Atlantis offers this service on most iPhones if you can not find yours listed please drop us a message for the latest prices. This repair includes a 1 year warranty and is available as a drop of service in our Canterbury shop or via our postal service option

iPhone Factory Reset

If your iPhone has failed due to a software update, or you have forgotten your password, Atlantis can factory reset your iPhone for just £10 in our Canterbury iPhone repairs store, if your not local we are more then happy to send you instructions on how to do this. Any data not backed up will be lost, and you will be required to type your Apple id and password in on the phones return, sadly if you do not know your apple id you will need to contact Apple directly. If your looking for iPhone unlocking please click here

iPhone Repairs Canterbury

iPhone Models We Support
  • iPhone 5 Series
  • iPhone 6 - 6s & Plus
  • iPhone 7 & 8 All Models
  • iPhone X & XS All Models
  • iPhone XR & 11 All Versions
  • iPhone 12 & 13 All Versions
  • iPhone 14 & 15 All Versions
  • If You Do Not See Your Model We Are Still Sure To Cover It

Popular iPhone Repairs In Canterbury

We offer a number of services we have included just some of our most popular below, but offer many more

Charging Port CleaningFree
iPhone 7 Screen Repair£50
iPhone SE Screen Repairs£50
iPhone 11 Screens Repair£70
iPhone SE2 Battery£35
iPhone 11 New Battery£45
No SoundOften Free
Passcode Reset£10
iPhone 12 Screen£99
Water DamageFrom £50

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I went into shop today with my son’s iPhone it wouldn’t charge, the lady in there said straight away she thought there was dirt in charging point! Took it out the back cleaned it out, now its charging couldn’t believe such great service with no charge! 100% great service great friendly shop!

Great service as per usual. Been in before for new iPhone battery and replaced within minutes with free screen protector. Took two iPhones in for new screen protectors which they replaced free of charge. Excellent service can not recommend enough. Thank you Atlantis.

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