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Huawei Phone Repairs

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huawei phone repairs

HUAWEI Screen Repairs Canterbury Kent

Atlantis offers a large range of mobile phone repairs, including Huawei screen repairs in Canterbury Kent via a walk-in service and throughout the Uk using our postal Huawei mobile phone repair service. Our most popular Huawei repair is currently screen replacements. We always believe in honesty with our customers, hence why we would always recommend original screens for Huawei repairs, they will always be more expensive but worth the investment, we have found most compatible screens currently on the market tend to be of low quality, meaning the glass will crack easier, and the LCDs are more likely to black out. We are able to supply compatible screens if you want to keep prices low. but we will only offer a 3mth warranty, if you go for an original screen this will include a 1 year warranty against defects. We can repair all models of the Huawei mobile phones including the P10 and P20 ranges, for our current prices please use the contact us link below providing your model and repair required

HUAWEI Battery Repairs Canterbury Kent

Atlantis offers Huawei battery replacements in Canterbury Kent via a walk-in service and throughout the UK using our postal Huawei mobile phone repair service. Huawei batteries will fail over time, we find on average after 3 years the battery will begin to go flat a lot quicker or fail to charge. Its important when the time comes that the battery is replaced by a company that you can trust, so many phone shops have opened over the years, and even though some are good, many are not, they will fit a cheap battery they have found online simply to maximise their profits. A cheap battery wont last, it will not comply with European safety regulations, and will be fitted with poor quality chips, which wont always stop overcharging, you will likely find it will drain quicker then your original faulty battery. You simply can not buy quality batteries cheaply, as they cost to much to produce. We only supply original batteries when available, or compatible Huawei batteries when not, brought from trusted European and UK suppliers who comply with safety regulations, that use cells from recognised companies such as Samsung. On average a Huawei battery will be £45, this is owing to most being in sealed units, so it takes longer to replace the battery, compared to say an iPhone. Your new battery will include our 1 year warranty, for our latest prices please use the contact link below and send us your model, and a member of staff will get right back to you,

HUAWEI Back Repairs Canterbury Kent

Huawei back replacements in Canterbury Kent via a walk-in service and throughout the UK using our postal repairs service. Huawei phones have came a long way, and quality wise are a lot better then a lot of makes of mobile phones we repair, the only obvious downside is the glass back on many models, it looks great when you first unpack your new Huawei, but at some point, most of us will drop our phone, and this is all it takes to break the back, luckily this can be replaced cheaper then the screen. For most Huawei models a back replacement is around £40. You have two back types available, cheap and cheerful £10 backs that tend to be thin glass and crack as soon as you touch them, or strengthened glass which will still break, but at least has a better chance of survival, we only use the strengthened glass, which means less profit for us, but we want our customers to be happy and return for our other repair services. For the price of your Huawei rear glass repair, please use the contact link below, telling us the model of your phone, a member of staff will then contact you with the full cost

Other HUAWEI Mobile Phone Repairs Canterbury Kent

We have listed our most popular Huawei mobile phone repairs above, but Atlantis mobile phone repairs in Canterbury Kent offer a wide range of services for Huawei, including charging ports, cameras, and water damage repairs, and our mobile phone repairs are not only available from our shop in Canterbury, we also offer a nationwide service, so if your unable to find the repair you require please give us a call or drop us a message using the contact link below.

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I’ll be back next week to take advantage of their phone screen fixing service (which is the most reasonable price I’ve been quoted).

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