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Laptop Keyboard Repair Cost UK

Laptop keyboard replacements UK wide

laptop repair

Laptop Keyboard Replacement Cost UK? £90

We get dozens of inquiries each day about laptop keyboard repair cost, to make things simple with now charge £90 for all laptop keyboard replacements in the UK, this excludes MacBook Keyboard replacements which are £150 for both the Air & Pro

A laptop keyboard repair is one of the most common repairs we see, in most cases its just the slightest moisture damage, that causes a few keys to play up. When it comes to your laptop keyboard replacement you need a company that not only offers quality, but experience to , with over 500 reviews, you know we offer both.

We offer laptop keyboard replacements for most popular brands including Lenovo, Dell, Hp, Acer, Toshiba, Asus, Sony and more. If you do not see what your looking for, drop us a message or call as we can likely help with your laptop keyboard repair needs.

We have included the most popular brands below, simply click order online next to your make,  or if your local to us you can drop your laptop repair into our shop for laptop repairs Canterbury

hp keyboard repair

Hp Laptop Keyboard Repair UK Wide

HP laptop keyboard replacements UK. Although laptop keyboards are one of the most used parts of your laptop, they are not as robust as they once were, owing to the demand for slimmer and more stylish machines. HP laptop keyboards can fail for a number of reasons, from water damage, to just plain wear and tear, we offer UK wide HP keyboard replacement for £90, you can drop your machine into store, or opt for using our postal service. We support all HP laptop models including the pavilion, envy or spectre,  simply drop it into store or order online


Dell Laptop Keyboard Replacement UK

Are you having problems with your Dell laptop keyboard, are your keys not responding, or not working at all, then the chances are you need a Dell laptop keyboard repair.  We have been around for many years and have replaced Dell laptop keyboards on a range of models. We will remove your old keyboard, and fit a brand new one, covered by a one year warranty

We offer this service in store for £90, or you can also use our Dell laptop keyboard replacement UK wide service by ordering online

keyboard repair

Lenovo Laptop Keyboard Repair UK Wide Services

We offer Lenovo keyboard replacements UK wide for all models. keyboards can fail due to a number of reasons, from spills,  to heavy use, you may find keys no longer respond, or type incorrect characters,  You can bring your Lenovo keyboard repair into store or if you prefer you can order our online postal Lenovo keyboard repair service. We charge £90 for parts and fitting, with a one year warranty. 

hp keyboard repair

Acer Laptop Keyboard Replacement UK Wide Repair

Its frustrating  when you have broken your Acer laptop keyboard, you can use your onscreen keyboard, but this proves to be slow, or even carry around a USB keyboard, but that’s just not practical.

We offer Acer laptop keyboard repair UK wide and instore for just £90 for all models. Simply buy online or drop into store. One of our experienced laptop engineers will get straight to work, making your keyboard as good as new, and in the unlikely event your keyboard fails again in a year,  you will be covered by our 1 year warranty against defects.


Asus Laptop Keyboard Repair UK Wide

We offer Asus laptop keyboard replacements UK wide for just £90, you can book your Asus laptop keyboard repair online using our postal service or bring it into store.

Most modern Asus keyboards are bonded into the palm rest of your laptop, your machine will need to be carefully dismantled by one of our experienced laptop repair technicians, and your old keyboard removed and a new one bonded to your Asus laptops shell. 

Due to the work involved you need professionals, and with over 500 positive reviews online you know your repair will be carried out correctly, your new Asus keyboard will also include a one year warranty

keyboard repair

Toshiba Laptop Keyboard Repair UK

Has your current Toshiba laptop keyboard became damaged or worn out, then we are here to help, we offer Toshiba laptop repair UK wide, for only £90, you can book  our postal service online or pop into store. We understand your keyboard is the most used part of  your machine,  that’s why we only use the best quality keyboards available, as we want them to last, just as much as you do, that’s why we are happy to offer a 1 year warranty with your new Toshiba keyboard replacement


Sony Laptop Keyboard Replacement UK

Sony have always been considered one of the better quality laptop makes, due to their strong build, and quality parts, you pay a little more for Sony but well worth the investment. But like all makes of laptops you may need a keyboard repair.

We offer Sony keyboard replacements UK wide, for only £90. So if you find you keyboard isn’t responding how it once did, or your letters are getting warn we are here to help you. You can bring your laptop into us or use our online postal service. Once your Sony laptop keyboard is replaced,  we will also include a one year warranty on your new part.

We cover all makes and models of laptops battery replacements including Dell, HP, Asus, Acer, Toshiba & Sony. Using the best cell batteries, you know you will have a laptop battery you can trust. Our laptop batteries include a one year warranty to



You may have dropped and cracked your laptop screen, this is where we can help,  we offer laptop screen repairs UK wide, starting from just £120,  we also offer  hinge repairs for a fixed price of £80. 


Our laptop repair centre assist clients daily in reviving  their beloved laptops! we are constantly upgrading our services, buying new machinery, and expanding our knowledge in an effort to keep our customers’ costs for laptop repairs as low as possible


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