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iPhone Battery Repair Cost Uk

iPhone Battery Replacement With 1 Year Warranty


iPhone Battery Replacement Cost UK?

You have likely been wondering how much is an iPhone battery repair cost in the UK?. The good news is iPhone battery replacement cost start from just £35.Many iPhones are discarded each year, which are perfectly working other then just a battery being faulty, you wouldn’t discard your remote control every time you needed to change the batteries, it would be madness, let alone the bad effects on the environment

How Long Do iPhone Batteries Last?

We find in most cases an iPhone battery will need to be replaced every 3-5 years, this does depend on the users usage, and we often find customers notice battery issues when it reaches 70%  on your iPhone battery health monitor, your battery is designed to work at 80% performance after 500  charging cycles
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How Do I Know If My iPhone Battery Needs Replacing?

There are a number of tell tell signs you may need an iPhone battery repair.
  • Your iPhone battery isn’t lasting as long as it once did.
  • Your iPhone screen has began to lift, this is a sign your iPhone battery is swelling, stop using your iPhone to be safe.
  •  You can check your iPhone battery health on newer models by clicking Settings > Battery and tap on Battery Health
  • Your iPhone shows a charging symbol but never charges
  • Your iPhone shuts down, even when showing charge
  • iPhone is running slowly, this can also be a sign you need a iPhone battery repair

Can I Replace iPhone Battery Myself?

If you have experience then you can, if not then you risk damaging not only your iPhone battery but possibly killing your iPhone to, there are various guides on the internet but some are not as good as others, so we would also recommend you watch a few. 

The biggest problem with iPhone battery replacements, when you opt for the DIY option, is the quality of the parts, the mistake most people make is they go for the cheapest iPhone battery they can find, there is a reason why its cheap, its using low grade components, it wont last very long and its likely dangerous, lithium isn’t a cheap battery to produce.

So you may think you will buy an original apple iPhone battery, these are mostly fake, apple do not make parts easily available. Apple have recently started a self service repair store for original parts, but this is only available for the most recent models, and is often as expensive as paying apple to do the repair

We use only genuine iPhone batteries when available or high quality manufactured iPhone battery replacements, which pass European safety measures that will act and last just as long as the original. To often we have seen competitors using cheap eBay batteries, just to make an extra few pound at your expense.


Warranty Your New iPhone Battery Repair?

We offer a one year warranty on your iPhone battery repair, using batteries made to the highest of standards, we would expect your battery replacement to last up to 5 years with standard usage.

How Do You Order You iPhone Battery Repair?

You may have searched for iPhone battery replacement near me, as we offer both a drop in service for iPhone repairs in Cantebury, and a UK wide iPhone battery repair service we are here to help. Simply click on this link to be taken to our latest iPhone battery replacement UK cost, and select your model and add to cart to buy, if you do not see the iPhone battery you have, the chances are we can still help, just send us a message on our contact page or call.
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How Long Will My iPhone Battery Repair be?

If you are using our drop in shop based iPhone repair Canterbury service, we can normally have your iPhone battery replaced within an hour, our postal service is on average 5 days, this allows for courier delivery times.
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Current Price For iPhone Battery Replacement UK?


We do not only offer iPhone battery replacements, we can also supply and fit batteries for most of your modern tech needs

With thousands of MacBook repair companies in the UK it can be hard to decide which one to use for your MacBook repair, some will be good and some will be be bad, Atlantis has over 500 reviews over the web, so when it comes to your MacBook battery replacement, you know you are in trusted hands, we do not believe in supplying you the cheapest battery for your MacBook battery repair, as we know that they will never last, we offer the best batteries at the best prices, using quality cells as good as your original.
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