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How much does it cost to fix a Dell keyboard? £90

At Atlantis, we have established ourselves as a trusted provider of Dell keyboard repairs throughout the UK. With our expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction, we have been helping Dell users regain the full functionality of their keyboards for many years.

One of the key advantages of choosing Atlantis for your Dell keyboard repair is our straightforward pricing structure. Unlike other repair shops that may charge varying prices based on the specific model or issue, we offer a fixed price of just £90 for Dell keyboard replacements. This transparent pricing ensures that you know exactly what to expect without any surprises or hidden costs.

Whether you’re located near our physical store or in a different part of the UK, our Dell keyboard repair services are readily accessible to you. If you prefer a face-to-face interaction, you can visit our store to have your Dell keyboard repaired by our skilled technicians. We prioritize professionalism and efficiency to minimize the inconvenience caused by a faulty keyboard. If not you can use our free courier service provided by Royal Mail drop & collect.


Can Dell keyboards be repaired?

In most cases you will need a Dell keyboard replacement, as keyboards are just not a part designed to be repaired, unless its just a case of a few missing keys, if that is your only problem we advise you look for the keys you need on ebay, they will normally be a pound or 2 each, your then welcome to bring it into store and we will fit them for free.

How can I test if my Dell keyboard is faulty?

Start by rebooting your Dell laptop just in case your Dell Keyboard is having a moment

When you power on your laptop it reports a key jam

We find often when a Dell keyboard replacement is needed, you will find when you tap a key it will type many at once and often the wrong characters, or type nothing at all

Dell laptops also have a built in keyboard diagnostics, to run this please click here for Dell keyboard diagnostics instructions

If the print on most your keys have warn off, you could of cause use a marker pen to rewrite the letters, but may be easier to get a Dell keyboard repair.

Will my new Dell keyboard be genuine?

In all likelihood genuine parts will not be available, as we find for most Dell models after a few years they are no longer made, we do however offer new compatible Dell keyboards, these will be as well made as your original, and possibly from the same factories, and will look and feel just the same.

What’s the average time Dell laptop keyboard repairs take?

We aim to have your Dell keyboard repair ready in 3 – 5 days, this is the norm in over 90% of cases, on the rare occasion this may take longer for example if you have a non UK model, but we would of course advise you of a lead time for this.

How to use our Dell keyboard replacement UK wide service.

Its pretty simple, click Add to cart or Book your repair button, this will then take you to check out, you can select from there if you would like to drop your Dell into us, at our laptop repair shop in Canterbury Kent, or to post it or arrange for a courier, once you complete the checkout process, a member of staff will contact you to arrange your repair, if your local to us in Canterbury in Kent, you can drop your machine into us anytime we are open, without the need to complete the checkout, payment can be made on completion of your Dell repair.

Will I get a warranty on my Dell keyboard repair

You will get a one year return to base warranty on your new Dell keyboard repair, this will cover you for normal failure, but not those caused by the user for example water damage or clear physical damage, if your Dell laptop is currently less one year old, and your damage is a natural failure, it may still be covered by your Dell keyboard warranty which can be checked here, Dell keyboard UK warranty check.

Dell keyboard repairs UK, models we support


Dell Laptop Keyboard Repairs

1yr Return To Base Warranty, Defects Only

Dell Keyboard Replacement Prices

£ 90
  • Free Postage Both Ways
  • One Year Warranty
  • Covers All Dell UK Models

Dell Keyboard Replacement Prices

UK wide Dell Keyboard repairs, with one year warranty & free postage

Dell Xps Keyboard Repair UK£90
Dell Latitude Keyboard Replacement UK£90
Dell Inspiron Keyboard Repair UK£90
Dell Vostro Keyboard Replacement UK£90
Alienware Keyboard Repairs UK£90


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