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Xbox One-S-X DVD and Blu-Ray Laser Repairs: Get Your Console Back in the Game with Atlantis

There’s nothing more frustrating than eagerly trying to load your new game, only to discover that your Xbox One-S-X’s drive is no longer functioning. If you’re experiencing issues with your console’s DVD or Blu-ray laser, Atlantis is here to help. In this article, we’ll address the common problems associated with the laser, explain our repair approach, and highlight the convenience of our UK-wide postal repair service with Royal Mail drop and collect. Trust Atlantis to revive your console and get you back to enjoying your favourite games.

1. Laser Replacement: Restoring Optimal Performance

Over time, the laser in your Xbox One-S-X may require replacement due to wear and spreading. When the laser can no longer focus its beam, it will fail to read your game discs properly. At Atlantis, we specialize in repairing DVD and Blu-ray laser faults. Our skilled technicians have the expertise to diagnose and replace faulty lasers, ensuring that your console’s optical drive functions flawlessly once again.

2. Mechanical Faults and Feeding Cogs

In addition to laser-related issues, you may encounter other common faults with your console’s optical disk drive. One such issue is the drive’s failure to accept discs when you attempt to insert a game. This is often caused by mechanical faults with the feeding cogs. Atlantis Xbox One repairs in Canterbury are well-equipped to handle these types of disc drive faults. Our comprehensive repair service covers most issues related to the optical drive, offering you a convenient and cost-effective solution.

3. One Set Fee and Warranty for Peace of Mind

At Atlantis, we believe in providing transparent and reliable repairs. For Xbox One-S-X DVD and Blu-ray laser repairs, we offer our services for a set fee. This means you won’t have any surprises when it comes to the cost of the repair. Additionally, to give you peace of mind, we include a one-year warranty with all our repairs. This warranty covers both the replaced components and our labor, ensuring that you’re protected in case any issues arise within the warranty period.

4. Convenient UK-wide Postal Repair Service with Royal Mail Drop and Collect

We understand that visiting our Xbox One repair shop in Canterbury may not be feasible for everyone. That’s why we offer a convenient UK-wide postal repair service. By clicking “Add to Cart” on our website, you can initiate the repair process and take advantage of our hassle-free service. With our partnership with Royal Mail drop and collect, you can securely package your console and arrange for its collection from your location. Once we receive your console, our skilled technicians will promptly diagnose and repair the DVD or Blu-ray laser issue, before returning it to you in fully working condition.


When your Xbox One-S-X’s DVD or Blu-ray drive is experiencing issues, Atlantis is here to provide reliable repairs across the UK. Whether you need a laser replacement or assistance with mechanical faults, our skilled technicians have the expertise to revive your console’s optical drive. With our one set fee, one-year warranty, and the convenience of our UK-wide postal repair service with Royal Mail drop and collect, getting your console back in the game has never been easier. Choose Atlantis for top-notch repairs, exceptional customer service, and nationwide coverage. Let us restore your console’s optical drive and get you back to enjoying your gaming experience.



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