Xbox One-S-X DVD/Blu-Ray Laser Repair


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  • Xbox One-S-X DVD/Blu-Ray Laser Repair

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    Xbox One-S-X DVD/Blu-Ray Laser Repairs Canterbury

    There’s nothing worse then trying to load your new game only to find your drive is no longer working. Over time the laser on your Xbox one may need to be replaced, owing to the laser spreading it will be unable to focus its beam and thus will fail to read your game disk.  Other common faults you may find with your optical disk drive is it will fail to take disks in when you attempt to insert a game, this tends to be a mechanical fault with the feeding cogs. Atlantis Xbox One repairs in Canterbury can repair most disc drive faults , for one set fee, the repair will also include a one year warranty to give you additional peace of mind. We will even replace the entire drive if needed, within the same cost.  You welcome to bring your console to our Xbox One repair shop in Canterbury, or if you prefer use our UK wide postal Xbox One repair service by clicking on Add to Cart below

    • Xbox One Optical Drive Repair
    • 1yr Return To Base Warranty, defects only
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