PlayStation 3-PS3 PSU/Power Supply/No Power Repair


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  • PlayStation 3-PS3 PSU/Power Supply/No Power Repair

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    PS3 PSU/Power Supply/No Power Repairs Canterbury

    Does your PS3 turn on then straight off, or does it not turn on at all there is a good chance your power supply has failed, its not surprising when you consider how hard it must work with the years of playing. Always first check the fuse in your plug, its rare for this to be the problem, but you may get lucky and save a few pennies. If a new fuse has not solved the issue then the internal power supply is a likely candidate, you can bring your console to us at our PS3 repair shop in Canterbury or use our postal repair service by clicking the Add to Cart Tab, once your repair is complete, we will include a one year warranty to ensure you have no future problems.

    • PS3 PSU Repair
    • 1yr Return To Base Warranty, defects only
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