Xbox One, S, X HDMI Port Repair UK


Xbox One, S, X HDMI Repairs Canterbury

The HDMI repair on Xbox One series of consoles is one of the most common faults we have found in the current range of Xbox consoles. Atlantis has been repairing the Xbox One consoles since their first release, and have replaced thousands of HDMI sockets in our time. If your finding you have a distorted display or no display first try a different HDMI cable, then look at the HDMI socket, does it appear lose or missing, or perhaps the pins are bent or missing then this is the repair your likely to need.  Once we receive your Xbox One console an engineer will remove your old broken socket and replace it with a high quality socket, this requires micro soldering and should not be attempted by diyers as may lead to additional damage to the board and tracks, adding additional cost. You can bring your console to our Xbox One repair shop in Canterbury, or if you prefer use our UK wide postal repair service by clicking on Add to Cart below



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