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Lenovo Laptop Keyboard Replacement Cost UK? Only £80

Are you in need of a Lenovo laptop keyboard repair UK, then you have found the right place, we offer Lenovo keyboard repairs UK wide for one simple price of £80. We offer value for your money, but quality parts to, with a one year warranty with your Lenovo laptop repair. You can book your repair straight away by clicking Add to cart or the Book your repair tab. We offer a range of postal options including free, you can select which best suits you at checkout. If you have any questions about your Lenovo keyboard repair, you are welcome to use our contact form or to call us, where a member of staff will be ready to help. Our average repair times are 3-5 days for Lenovo keyboard UK models, if laptop is non UK we can still help, but please message us first as they may need to be imported, the cost is likely to be the same but repair times may be longer.


Current Models Of Lenovo Keyboard Repairs UK We Offer

Lenovo was almost unheard of 15 years ago, but then they brought up what remained of the IBM laptop arm, since then they have become one of the top laptop manufacturers. There are a number of Lenovo models on the market, with 100s of different models, there would be pages and pages to read, if we were to list them all, so we have included just the names of the most common models we cover, if you do not see yours the likelihood is we can still fix your broken keyboard.

:Lenovo ThinkPad Keyboard Repairs UK

 Lenovo Think Book Keyboard Replacement UK

Lenovo Yoga Keyboard Repairs UK

Lenovo Legion Keyboard Repair UK

Lenovo Idea pad  Keyboard Repairs UK

Lenovo Chromebook Keyboard Replacement UK

Do We Use Original Lenovo Keyboard Replacements

The production run of most modern laptops are now very short, owing to this there are very few new original parts available for older laptops, unless you resort to using 2nd user parts which can lead to additional problems. 

Many modern laptop manufacturers design their laptops, but no longer produce them, the parts are often manufactured by companies such as Foxconn, these same companies will also produce the spare parts, these are what we use, and they will meet the same high standards as you would expect, we do not use cheap parts as we know they would simply come back under warranty, and lead to many unhappy customers 

How Long Will My Lenovo Laptop Keyboard Replacement Be?

UK Lenovo Laptop keyboard replacements generally take 3 to 5 working days, non English models may take longer if we need to source the part from abroad, but are still very much fixable. Once your machine is ready we will ship it back to you straight away, or call you to collect if your local.

How Do I Order Your Lenovo Keyboard Repairs UK Service

Our Lenovo keyboard repairs are available in store at our laptop repair shop in Canterbury Kent, so if your close by there is no need to book, just pop your laptop in when its most convenient, we are open 9.30 – 5 in the week, and from 10 – 3 Saturdays, for everyone else we offer a postal Lenovo keyboard replacement UK wide service, simply click Add to cart, or book your repair and you will be taken our checkout page, we offer a number of postal services, you can post your machine to us with a courier of your choice, or we offer free Royal Mail drop and collect, where you can take your machine to a number of local shops of your choosing and your local Royal Mail driver will collect your laptop direct from there, and lastly we also offer a courier collection service direct from your door for a small fee.

Your Lenovo laptop repair should arrive with us in a matter of days, where a technician will get to work straight away fixing your broken Lenovo keyboard, doing our best to return it to your straight away, with over 500 online reviews, we are your ideal Lenovo keyboard repair near you, no matter where you are in the UK, you can rest easy with the fact that your repair will be carried out by professionals, to give your laptop many more years of faithful service,

We do not only offer Lenovo services we offer Laptop repairs for other models to these include MacBook keyboard repairs, HP keyboard repair and Dell keyboard replacements 

Your Warranty On Your New Lenovo Keyboard Replacement 

If your Lenovo is currently less then one year old, and your laptop keyboard has broken due to no fault of your own, you will still likely be under warranty with the retailer from where you originally brought, alternately you can contact Lenovo direct to see if your laptop is still under warranty by clicking here Lenovo Keyboard  Replacement UK Warranty  Check

If you have had your Lenovo keyboard repair carried out by us, we include a one year warranty against any problems with the part we supplied and fitted, this however does not cover for accidental damage by the user,  such as impact or water damage to your keyboard, to claim your warranty simply contact us with your order number, if this is not available we will still be able to track your repair by using your name and addresse

How To Repair A Lenovo Keyboard? 

In general modern Lenovo keyboards are not designed to be replaced by the consumer, it is possible to do it yourself, but you will need to have experience of first dismantling your Lenovo laptop, and whilst its commendable to try it yourself, please first consider the damage this may cause, if its your first try. Lenovo keyboards can be brought online, these will not be all of the same quality, and the to good to be true price is normally a good indicator of its quality.

Most modern laptop keyboards are under mounted, these are  bonded using plastic, and will need to be secured, if not the keyboard will sink, and make tying difficult, there are a number of ways a new Lenovo keyboard can be bonded, please do not be tempted to use super glue as this will damage your new keyboard. Or of cause you can save yourself the headache and send it to a company like us who are well trusted and have completed 1000s of Lenovo keyboards repairs in the UK. If you are just missing a key or 2 , there is no need to replace the entire keyboard, single keys can be brought from scrap machines, on eBay for just a pound or two. If your local to us we are happy to fit these free of charge, if not there are a number of videos on YouTube Lenovo keyboard key repair


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