Lenovo Laptop Hinge Repairs UK


Lenovo Laptop Hinge Repairs UK Wide Based In Canterbury Kent

As laptops are becoming more sleek in design, we are finding a greater demand in Lenovo hinge repairs, the thinner laptops have became the less robust the hinges seem to be, owing to the need to compact. We often have Lenovo hinges in for repair in Canterbury. If the hinge has simply seized or snapped, this can be repaired, normally just a replacement hinge will be needed, however if the casing has also been cracked we will attempt to repair this without replacement saving money on new plastics, in these cases we will bond the sides of the crack, leaving a minimal mark, and will charge only for the cost of a hinge repair.  We offer Lenovo laptop hinge repairs in Canterbury as a drop of service in our shop, or if your prefer you can use our postal Laptop repair service that’s available UK wide by clicking the Add To Cart Button



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