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Laptop Battery Replacement Cost UK

UK Wide Laptop Battery Repair From Only £80

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Laptop Battery Replacement Cost UK? From Only £80

You have probably been wondering what is a laptop battery replacement cost UK?, he good news is, prices start from just £80. We support most major brands of laptops from Hp to acer and MacBook to, with most models covered. With over 500 online reviews you know your in safe hands

The cost of your laptop battery replacement can vary depending on brand but start from £80, with an average cost of £90, this excludes MacBook battery replacements which we charge a set price of £150 for all models 

For our latest laptop prices simply send us your model and make, and a member of staff will get right back to you with a quotation for your laptop battery repair Contact


Signs You Need A Laptop Battery Replacement.

Depending on your brand you may be able to use the laptops own diagnostics tool to see if you need a laptop battery repair, for instance on hp laptops you can press the F2 key when you first turn it on, and you will be provided with diagnostic options including a battery test, Dell have a similar option when you press F12, for others we have listed some tell tell signs you may be in need of a laptop battery replacement.

  • Older laptops will switch instantly off when you unplug the power
  • Newer laptops will just not turn on at all
  • Your laptop battery looks bloated, or touch pad is lifting  
  • Battery life is short even after being fully charged
  • Red cross on battery symbol 

Are Laptop Replacement Batteries As Good As The Original?

It depends on where you buy, you may see a cheap laptop battery replacement online. and question why others are a lot more expensive. The reason for the big price difference in laptop batteries is they are not all the same even if they may look so.

The disadvantage of using cheaper parts in your laptop battery repair, is often the batteries may have second user cells programmed to show as new, these wont ever last long and may be worse then the laptop battery you replaced,  even if they are new cells they are likely to be of low quality, and can even pose as a fire risk.

Lithium batteries are not cheap to produce and if you see a bargain you must question why. Even if you buy a so called original battery on an auction site, many are just fakes.

We only ever use original or high quality compatible batteries from recognised brands, many using cells from companies such as Samsung. The batteries we use all comply with European safety standards, and are sourced from trustworthy sources.with a one year warranty as standard.

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Laptop Battery Repair UK Wide Service

Whatever brand or model laptop you have, we are here to help with your laptop battery replacement needs. Use a company you can trust with over 500 reviews. Simply contact us today with your model and we will get right back to you, don’t forget we offer laptop battery replacements UK wide, and also instore  from our shop for laptop repairs in Canterbury Kent

Common Laptop Brands We See

We offer a wide range of repairs including laptop screen replacements for dell, hp acer and more  

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So often laptop keyboards can fail, often just one or two keys failing can make your laptop, no better then a paper weight, we offer a range of laptop keyboard replacements, all for £80

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We do not only offer laptop repairs, we also offer iPhone repairs to, including screen replacements, new batteries and charging ports.

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