Sony Vaio Laptop Dc Repairs, Power Socket Repair


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  • Sony Vaio Laptop Dc Repairs, Power Socket Repair

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    Sony Vaio Laptop Dc Repairs Canterbury, Power Socket Repair Nationwide

    If your having problems charging your Sony Vaio laptop due to a broken Dc socket, then this is the repair for you. Atlantis Sony Vaio Laptop Dc repairs in Canterbury will dissemble your machine, and solder a new socket into place. We will ensure the new socket is securely mounted to ensure many more years of problem free use. We have repaired many Dc sockets and have skilled laptop technicians happy to help answer any questions you may have. Your new socket will include a 1 year return to base warranty.  Your welcome to use our Sony Vaio repair walk-in service in our Canterbury laptop repairs shop, or you can use our nationwide postal Dc repairs service by clicking the Add to Cart button

    • Sony Vaio Power Socket Repair
    • 1yr Return To Base Warranty, defects only
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