iPad 5 Air 1, 2, 3 2019 Water Damage Repair UK


Can an iPad Air be fixed after water damage?

Finding out there is water damage to your iPad Air 1 or 2 can be very upsetting. But there is no need to panic; at Atlantis iPad Repairs, we can help you. Our engineers are experts in the iPad Air series and repair water damage. There could be so many issues that water damage can cause, and our vast repair service can fix all of them.

What we’ll do:

  • We’ll decontaminate your unit completely.
  • We’ll clean and dry all internal components.
  • We’ll replace minor defective components for a fixed fee.

If additional components, such as the screen, need to be replaced, we will let you know the cost will be before we do any work. And, in the event of the repair cost exceeding the value of a new equivalent replacement product, you’ll only pay us an inspection fee of £15.

Drop in or Postal Service

Your water damage repair will include our 3mth return-to-base warranty. Take advantage of the convenience of dropping it off at our iPad repair shop in Canterbury or use our free postal service, with free Royal Mail drop-and-collect, for which we will email you a pre-paid label during office hours.


How to fix a water damaged iPad that won’t turn on?

Looking for expert iPad Air 1, 2, 3 2019 water damage repairs? Atlantis iPad Repairs offers dedicated cleaning, drying, and parts replacement services for any water damaged iPads. Drop into our repair shop in Canterbury with your iPad, or take advantage of our free postal service that includes drop and collect with Royal Mail.1-year warranty included.

Repair Process for Water Damage for iPad Air 1 & 2

The iPad Air is not made for water, and damage will occur if it comes in contact with a liquid. We understand the urgency of water damage restoration and what has to be performed for your device to function correctly. Our expert technicians with 20 years experience in apple product repairs ,will carefully dismantle your iPad Air, clean and dry all internal components meticulously, and replace any minor damaged parts if necessary. 

Transparent Pricing and Additional Fixes

Should we find it necessary to replace any other part, say the iPad screen, along the repair process, we shall communicate to you the cost implication before going further. Open pricing is what we believe in, so you can be sure never to be in the dark when it comes to extra expenses. We go the extra mile to see you happy and are trusted as can be seen by our many positive Yell reviews here.

Value vs. Replacement

In case the repair cost is uneconomical over replacement, this will be for your good. All you have to pay is an inspection fee amounting to £15. This way, we ensure that everything is fair and transparent to you. Our goal is to provide you with a solution that is effective on your pocket and service quality.

Easy to Choose Your Option: Drop-in, Collection with Free Royal Mail Post

Please use our drop-off service option or use our free Royal Mail postage to send in your iPad for water damage repair.

In or near Canterbury? Then, you are free to come down and drop off your iPad at our specially equipped repair centre, where a team of experienced technicians will help you through the complete repair process. For customers all over the UK, we offer a simple postal service with free Royal Mail drop and collect, and just like that, your iPad is on its way securely within moments.

Warranty and Assurance

We are Atlantis iPad Repairs, and we aim for quality, with our.1-Year warranty return-to-base against defects. We care about your satisfaction and peace of mind.


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