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Professional Laptop DC Jack, Power Socket Repair UK Wide, Based in Canterbury, Kent with Free Royal Mail Drop-off and Collection

If your laptop is experiencing issues with its power socket, Atlantis is here to help. We specialize in professional laptop DC jack and power socket repairs UK wide, based in Canterbury, Kent. Our flat-rate charge of only £80 for parts and labour covers all makes and models of laptops, ensuring that you receive reliable and cost-effective repairs for your device. Whether you own a Dell, Toshiba, HP, Asus, Acer, or any other brand, we have the expertise to address your laptop’s power socket problems.


Common Symptoms of a Broken Laptop DC Jack 

A broken laptop DC jack can cause various issues that hinder the normal functioning of your device. Common symptoms include a complete lack of power or the inability to charge the battery while the laptop is running on mains. These issues can significantly impact your productivity and mobility. At Atlantis, we understand the importance of a fully functional power socket, and our skilled technicians are equipped to diagnose and repair this crucial component of your laptop.

Slimmer Machines and Fragile Sockets 

With the ongoing trend toward slimmer and more portable laptop designs, the size and durability of DC sockets have been affected. To accommodate the slim form factors, laptop manufacturers have made the sockets smaller and more fragile. This means that over time, the strength and durability of the DC sockets have reduced. The wear and tear caused by everyday use or strain from the power supply hanging over the desk can cause the laptop socket to fail. At Atlantis, we have the knowledge and experience to handle these delicate repairs and restore the functionality of your laptop’s power socket.

Quick Turnaround, Warranty, and Free Royal Mail Drop-off and Collection 

At Atlantis, we understand the importance of timely repairs and minimizing your device’s downtime. We keep the most common laptop DC sockets in stock, allowing us to provide a quick turnaround time for your repair. Our skilled technicians will promptly diagnose the issue, replace the faulty DC jack, and ensure that it is securely installed. We stand behind the quality of our repairs and offer a 1-year parts and labor warranty to provide you with peace of mind.

To make the repair process even more convenient, we have partnered with Royal Mail to offer free drop-off and collection services. When you choose our nationwide laptop repairs service, Royal Mail will handle the safe transportation of your laptop. Simply click the Add to Cart button to initiate the repair process and securely package your laptop. Royal Mail will collect your laptop from your location and deliver it to our repair center in Canterbury, Kent. Once the repair is complete, Royal Mail will safely return your laptop to you, ensuring a seamless and efficient process.

Choose Atlantis for Your Laptop DC Jack, Power Socket Repairs 

When it comes to laptop DC jack and power socket repairs in the UK, Atlantis is your reliable choice. With our professional expertise, skilled technicians, and commitment to customer satisfaction, we aim to exceed your expectations. Whether you’re in Canterbury, Kent, or anywhere else in the UK, our walk-in and nationwide repair services ensure that you receive reliable and cost-effective repairs for your laptop’s power socket. Click the Add to Cart button or visit our laptop repair shop in Canterbury, Kent, to get started on restoring the functionality of your laptop’s power socket today.

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