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Asus Laptop DC Jack, Power Socket Repairs UK Wide | Reliable Service by Atlantis Laptop Repairs

Is your ASUS laptop experiencing issues with charging or powering on? If you’re encountering difficulties in these areas, it’s highly likely that a faulty DC jack or power socket is to blame. However, there’s no need to worry, as Atlantis Laptop Repairs is here to help. We specialize in ASUS laptop DC jack and power socket repairs, offering reliable solutions to get your laptop up and running again.

A malfunctioning DC jack or power socket can be a frustrating problem, but it’s often more cost-effective to replace the faulty component rather than purchasing a brand new laptop. Look out for common indicators that your DC jack or power socket may need replacement, such as a loose power adapter connection resulting in intermittent charging or a completely missing socket. These signs suggest that it’s time to seek professional assistance.

We also offer a free Royal Mail drop and collect service for your convenience. Simply pack your laptop securely in a box, attach the prepaid shipping label, and drop it off at your nearest Royal Mail drop-off point. We’ll take care of the rest!


Atlantis Laptop Repairs, located in Canterbury, provides fast and efficient replacement services for your broken power socket. You have the option to bring your ASUS laptop to our repair shop in Canterbury, or you can take advantage of our convenient postal UK laptop repair service by simply clicking the “Add to Cart” button.

Here’s how our process works:

  1. Diagnosis: Our skilled technicians will carefully assess your ASUS laptop to determine if the DC jack or power socket is indeed the root cause of the charging or power issues.

  2. Replacement: If the DC jack or power socket is found to be faulty, we will swiftly replace it with a high-quality replacement part suitable for your ASUS laptop model. We prioritize using reliable components to ensure optimal performance and longevity.

  3. Testing: After the replacement, we rigorously test your laptop to verify that the new DC jack or power socket is functioning correctly. This ensures that your laptop can charge properly and power on without any issues.

At Atlantis Laptop Repairs, we understand the importance of a timely repair service. That’s why we strive to provide efficient solutions, ensuring that you can get back to using your ASUS laptop as quickly as possible.

For your convenience, we also offer a free Royal Mail drop and collect service. If you opt for our postal UK laptop repair service, simply securely pack your laptop in a box and attach the prepaid shipping label. Drop it off at your nearest Royal Mail drop-off point, and we’ll take care of the rest, ensuring your ASUS laptop receives the necessary repairs and is returned to you promptly.

Choose Atlantis Laptop Repairs for professional ASUS laptop DC jack and power socket repairs across the UK. Our dedication to quality service and customer satisfaction sets us apart. Don’t let a faulty DC jack or power socket hinder your productivity—contact Atlantis Laptop Repairs today and experience reliable and efficient repairs tailored to your ASUS laptop’s needs.


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