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iPhone Screen Replacement Cost UK?

iPhone Screen Replacement UK Wide Service

iPhone screen repair cost UK

iPhone Screen Repair Cost UK? From £40

You may have been searching for what would be an iPhone screen repair cost UK . The good new is, not as much as you may think, our iPhone screen repairs cost from just £40 for older models such as the iPhone 5 and 6 series screens.

We have been offering iPhone screen repairs for over 10 years, and have lost count of how many iPhone screens we have replaced, but well into thousands. We offer both an instore service often whilst you wait or within an hour in our shop for iPhone repair in Canterbury,  and also a iPhone screen replacement service UK wide, which normally takes  3 -5 days, allowing for postage.

We know you do not want to be without your iPhone for long, so keep most iPhone screens in stock, ensuring  fast return. We do not claim to be the cheapest iPhone repair in the UK, as we don’t want to sell you junk, you can find that anywhere, what we offer are affordable iPhone screen repairs, using only high quality iPhone screens, we know they are good, so offer a one year warranty, not 30 days like many iPhone screen repair shops in the UK. With over 500 reviews from happy customers. we go out of our way for our customers, as we know a happy customer is a returning customer.


iPhone Glass Repair Cost UK

How Much Does It Cost To Replace Glass Screen On iPhone?

Often it may only just be the glass broken on your iPhone screen, in reality it would actually cost you more to just replace this, as your glass would need to be separated from your LCD and iPhone digitizer, using heat or chemicals, a tedious and difficult job, which with the cost of full iPhone screens at the moment, its just not viable.

We offer full screen replacements that include the iPhone LCD. digitizer and glass, using premium NCC screens, that are manufactured using premium components and include a year warrant against defects.

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iPhone Screen Repair UK

High Quality Affordable iPhone Screen Replacements UK

iPhones are not cheap, so why use cheap screen repairs, we will never be the cheapest, and we are far from the most expensive. What we offer are affordable iPhone screen repairs in the UK using high quality parts.

Why do we not use cheap screens as others do, the reason being is not all iPhone screens are created equal, there are so many iPhone screen repair shops now in the UK under cutting each other, and the only way of doing this is by using less reliable iPhone screen replacements. Sadly we see it to often, and ultimately it cost you as a consumer more.

So what’s the difference between a cheap screen and a quality screen you may ask. Cheap screens are produced differently, the plastic surrounding screen frame is not strongly bonded. this leads to frame separation after a month or two, weakening the glass and increasing the chances of your phone screen breaking, the iPhone screen replacements we offer use cold bonding, leading to a stronger screen.

Other problems with low quality iPhone screens include the glass strength being weaker, the brightness and colour being poor, and viewing angles being reduced, and owing to the low build cost, your more likely to experience touch issues, and full failure. Our iPhone screens do not suffer the same issues, we use only high quality NCC screens, with a return rate of less then 1 percent, hence why we are able to offer a 1 year warranty with your screen repair, that many others are not able to match.


iPhone Screen Replacement Cost UK

We are ready to help with your iPhone screen replacement needs, we offer both iPhone repairs in Canterbury in store,  and iPhone screen repairs UK wide via a courier service.  We have provided prices below for some of our most popular iPhone screen replacements, with clickable links so you can order, but if you do not see what you need, don’t be afraid to ask and contact us.


We also offer a professional laptop screen repair service, starting from just £99. Our laptop screen replacements include a one year warranty and are available UK wide. We support most of the major brands including asus, hp and dell to name just a few. To find out more or to get a price click below 

Laptop Screen Repair UK


Not only are we here to help with your iPhone repairs, we also can help with your iPad screen repairs UK wide. We only use premium iPad screens in your repair, with the same flexibility as the originals , and just as reliable, with starting prices from £59.99 for iPad glass repairs

iPad Screen Repairs UK

If you have broken your screen, then you have came to the right place, we offer 2010-2020 MacBook screen repairs for just £360, this includes a high grade screen, fitted by professionals and one year warranty, for both the MacBook Air & MacBook Pro. UK wide and instore service MacBook screen repair

MacBook Screen Repair UK

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