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Expert MacBook Pro Water Damage Repairs UK Wide – Trust Atlantis

Maintaining a fully functioning MacBook Pro is essential for both professionals and home users. However, unintended water damage can jeopardize its operability. At Atlantis, we specialise in providing comprehensive UK-wide repair services for MacBook Pro water damage. Our technicians are highly skilled and utilize state-of-the-art equipment to diagnose and repair water-damaged devices, ensuring optimal performance restoration.

Comprehensive Diagnostic and Repair

Our repair process begins with a detailed diagnostic examination to ascertain the extent of water infiltration within the unit. Once we’ve identified the areas requiring attention, we proceed with meticulous repair services tailored to the specific needs of each device. Our proficiency in handling both superficial and intricate damage ensures that no compromise is made on quality.

Utilization of Advanced Technologies

Atlantis employs cutting-edge technologies to address water damage. This includes ultrasonic cleaning for internal components to remove corrosive residues and precision reflow soldering techniques to restore the functionality of affected circuitry. We aim for thoroughness in disassembling device components, ensuring each receives individual attention.

Cost-Efficiency and Customer Assurance

At Atlantis, our goal is to offer cost-efficient repair solutions without sacrificing quality. We provide transparent pricing models, allowing clients to make informed decisions regarding their device’s repair. Additionally, we uphold high customer service standards by offering ongoing support post-repair to ensure client satisfaction and confidence in the device’s restored condition. If more expensive components are needed, we will always pre-advise you. If the system is beyond viable repair, you will only be charged a £15 inspection fee.

Our Free Postal Mail-In Service

Once you place your order, we will email you a free shipping label that can be used at any post office. Simply send your MacBook to us. When your repair is complete, we will send your MacBook Pro back to you, fully restored.

Our Shop Service

If you prefer to use our walk-in service, simply bring your water-damaged MacBook Pro into our store. There’s no need to order online.


  • MacBook Pro Water Damage Repairs
  • 1-Year Return to Base Warranty for defects
MacBook Pro Water Damage Repairs UK Wide
The motherboard of a MacBook Pro is a critical component that controls functionality of your entire device. When exposed to liquid such as water or any other liquid substance, sensitive circuitry can become damaged, this leads to various issues. Many MacBook Pro owners panic, they fear their beloved device is beyond repair. Atlantis have the expertise and knowledge to perform water damage repairs on all MacBook Pro models.
Repair Process for Liquid Damage MacBook’s
Our experienced technicians have successfully repaired numerous MacBook Pro laptops,  that were affected by liquid spills. Instead of resorting to costly logic board replacements, we take a meticulous approach. We repair MacBook Pro’s on component level. This involves identifying and replacing damaged board-level components, cleaning corrosion caused by liquid spill, and conducting thorough testing, helping to ensure the functionality of your device is fully restored.
Immediate Action and Battery Removal
We understand the importance of quick turnaround time when it comes to water damage repairs. Upon receiving your water-damaged MacBook Pro. we take immediate action, our technicians carefully remove your MacBook battery to eliminate any power source, that could further damage components. With the MacBook battery removed, we then disassemble your laptop, cleaning each part to remove any corrosion caused by the liquid spill. 

We have access to a wide range of high-quality replacement components, including board-mounted IC chips. this allows us to perform precise repairs. Whilst the logic board is a common area of concern in water-damaged MacBook Pro devices, we also thoroughly inspect other components, including, your screen and keyboard etc, in some cases these components, may also require replacement due to the extent of damage, if this is case our technicians will promptly inform you of additional costs involved. Rest assured we strive to provide transparent and affordable repair solutions. If your MacBook is found to be beyond viable to repair, there is just a £15 inspection fee

 Convenient Services and Free Royal Mail Drop and Collect
At Atlantis we aim to make the repair process as convenient as possible for customers. We offer both a walk-in and postal repair service to cater for all needs. Our walk-in service allows you to visit our repair centre in Canterbury, 
Kent. Our technicians will assess and repair your water-damaged MacBook Pro promptly. If you prefer a postal repair service we provide a Free Royal Mail Drop and Collect option. This convenient service enables you to drop off your MacBook Pro repair at a number of local outlets.
1-Year Warranty for Peace of Mind
We take pride in quality of our repair services. To ensure your satisfaction. We offer 1-year warranty on all our water damage repairs. 
Contact Atlantis MacBook Pro Water Damage Repairs in Canterbury Kent today Entrust your water-damaged MacBook Pro to experienced technicians. Experience reliable. Cost-effective repairs. Regain full functionality. Of your device.


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