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Xbox One, S, X White Light Powers Off? Atlantis Provides Reliable Repairs Across the UK

Are you encountering the frustrating issue of your Xbox One, S, or X console suddenly powering off with a white light? If so, you’re not alone. At Atlantis, we’ve been seeing an increasing number of consoles with this fault, and we’re here to help. In this article, we’ll discuss the common cause behind this problem, our repair approach, and the convenience of our UK-wide postal repair service with Royal Mail drop and collect. Trust Atlantis to address the issue and ensure your console stays powered on.

1. The Culprit: Faulty Mosfets

In many cases, the culprit behind the Xbox One, S, or X console’s white light and subsequent power-off is the mosfets. These components can become faulty, causing the console to shut down unexpectedly. At Atlantis, we have the expertise to identify and repair this issue. Our skilled technicians will replace the offending mosfets using a rework station and hot plate, carefully removing the faulty components and installing new ones. This repair method ensures that your console is restored to its optimal working condition.

2. Long-Term Solution and Warranty

Although the white light power-off issue may seem like a design fault, rest assured that once we replace the faulty mosfets, the problem should not return for a number of years. To provide additional peace of mind, we include a one-year warranty as standard with this repair. This warranty covers both the replaced components and our labor, ensuring that you’re protected in the unlikely event of any issues arising within the warranty period. At Atlantis, we stand behind the quality of our repairs and aim to provide excellent service to our customers.

3. Convenient UK-wide Postal Repair Service with Royal Mail Drop and Collect

To make the repair process as convenient as possible, we offer a hassle-free UK-wide postal repair service. If you’re unable to visit our Xbox One repair shop in Canterbury, you can still benefit from our expertise by using our postal service. Simply click “Add to Cart” on our website, and we’ll guide you through the process of securely packaging your console for shipment. Our free postal service, in partnership with Royal Mail drop and collect, ensures a seamless and reliable experience. Once we receive your console, our skilled technicians will promptly diagnose the issue, perform the necessary repairs, and return your console to you in fully working condition.


If your Xbox One, S, or X console is experiencing the frustrating white light power-off issue, Atlantis is here to provide reliable repairs across the UK. With our expertise in identifying and repairing faulty mosfets, we’ll ensure that your console stays powered on and delivers a seamless gaming experience. Trust Atlantis for high-quality repairs, a one-year warranty as standard, and the convenience of our UK-wide postal repair service with Royal Mail drop and collect. Let us take care of your console, whether you choose to bring it to our repair shop in Canterbury or utilize our hassle-free postal service. Get your Xbox console back on track with Atlantis!



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