Laptop Mainboard Repairs Canterbury Kent Uk
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Laptop Mainboard Repairs Canterbury Kent Uk


Laptop Logic Board Repairs Canterbury Kent & Uk Wide

You will find many laptop repair shops will not offer logic board repairs, this is because they will lack the skills needed, Atlantis laptop motherboard repairs in Canterbury Kent have years of experience in diagnosing board level smd component failures. Diagnosing this kind of fault isn’t an easy task, and requires expensive equipment, which we have invested in over the years, allowing us to perform all kind of micro soldering. One of the most common faults we are presented with is GPU issues, in most cases this can be repaired providing many more years of system use. Atlantis laptop repairs in Canterbury Kent offer both a walk-in or nationwide board repair service. You can order our postal service by clicking the Add to Cart Button below. We  include a 1 year warranty with your repair, and if we are unable to fix your mainboard, your charged just a £15 inspection fee



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