Acer Laptop Liquid Damage Repairs


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  • Acer Laptop Liquid Damage Repairs

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    Acer Laptop Water Damage Repairs Canterbury & Uk Wide

    Sadly Acer laptops do not tend to like liquids, you may find at first you laptop seems to be working fine, but what you wont see is deeper inside the liquid will begin to corrode the delicate internal components possibly causing irreparable damage, the sooner we see your laptop,  the sooner we can get to work saving you money. At our Acer laptop repair shop in Canterbury we can strip down your laptop, then laptop specialist will at first clean your mainboard and other components with a cleaning solution which will help clear all signs of liquid damage. This and the replacement of damaged ic components is all covered under our initial fee. We will then check your hard drive and screen etc for additional damage and contact you if these also need replacing.

    If we find you notebook to be uneconomical for repair we will only charge a £15 inspection. You can bring your Acer to our laptop repair shop in Canterbury or use our postal service by clicking the Add to Cart Button. We also include a 1 year warranty on your repair

    • Acer Water Damage Repair
    • 1yr Return To Base Warranty, defects only
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