PlayStation 3-PS3 YLOD/Yellow Light Of Death Repairs


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  • PlayStation 3-PS3 YLOD/Yellow Light Of Death Repairs

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    PS3 YLOD/Yellow Light Of Death Repairs Canterbury

    Even though the PS3 has been replaced by newer models, we still find it to be a popular system. More often then not we hear the dreaded words , my PS3 has the yellow light of death. Owing to the large demand we invested heavily in the tools needed to get your console up and running once more. The fault is generally caused by a solder contact under the RSX chip failing, in most cases once this is resolved the console will once again work as it should. We have a success rate of 90%,  if the console has previously been repaired then this drops dramatically especially if the other repair shop decided to use a heat gun rather then invest in the correct equipment, this will normally cause the board to warp, meaning the contacts will never correctly bond again. If the repair is unsuccessful, there will still be a £15 inspection fee charged.  The common symptoms of the yellow light of death are 3 beeps , and then your console switches off, or your led will turn yellow. We will repair and then run it for a number of hours to ensure that it is fully working. Your repair will also include a 1 year return to base warranty. Your welcome to bring your console to our PS3 repair shop in Canterbury, or if you prefer you can use our UK wide postal PS3 repair service by clicking on Add to Cart below

    • PS3 YLOD Repair
    • 1yr Return To Base Warranty, defects only
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