PlayStation 3-PS3 Hard Drive/ Hdd Repair


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  • PlayStation 3-PS3 Hard Drive/ Hdd Repair

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    PlayStation 3-PS3 Hard Drive Repairs Canterbury

    We find the average life of a PS3 hard drive is 4-5 years when in constant use, as the consoles are becoming older this fault is becoming all the more common. You may find your console runs slowly or not at all, you may also hear a strange vibration sound coming from your console. Atlantis can fit a brand new terabyte hard drive into your console, and if your drive is not to damaged we may also be able to clone your data to the new drive, if this is not possible a fresh operating system will be installed. You can bring your console to us at our PlayStation repairs shop in Canterbury or use our postal repair service by clicking the Add to Cart Tab. Your repair also includes our one year return to base warranty on parts and labour.

    • PS3 Hdd Repair
    • 1yr Return To Base Warranty, defects only
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