Xbox One-S-X Over Heating/Fan Repair


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  • Xbox One-S-X Over Heating/Fan Repair

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    Xbox One-S-X Hard Over Heating/Fan Repairs Canterbury

    Fans over time can wear out causing your system to over heat and switch off , this may be accompanied by an irritating noise caused by the bearings of your systems fan, its better to not leave this repair to the last moment as prolonged overheating will cause vital system components to fail, and lead to your Xbox One becoming beyond economical repair. Our Xbox One technicians will replace the fan when needed, and fully clean and replace your consoles compound, ensuring cool running once more and extending the life of your Xbox One, the repair includes a one year warranty. You can bring your console to our Xbox One repair shop in Canterbury, or if you prefer use our UK wide postal Xbox One repair service by clicking on Add to Cart below

    • Xbox One Over Heating Repair
    • 1yr Return To Base Warranty, defects only
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