PlayStation 4/PS4 Blu-Ray DVD Drive Repair


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  • PlayStation 4/PS4 Blu-Ray DVD Drive Repair

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    PlayStation 4/PS4 Blu-Ray DVD Drive Repairs Canterbury

    We have a one price fits all policy when it comes to your PS4 DVD drive. This includes not reading disk faults due a laser problem, your disk randomly ejecting, or not ejecting at all, feed issues and last but not least the dreaded disk jam. We will repair any disk drive fault for you, all for one set price even if it means replacing the entire PlayStation 4 disk drive. We also provide a one year warranty just in case the fault returns,  so you can keep playing.  If your local to us in Canterbury you can drop your PS4 into repair, if not you can use our postal service, this can be ordered by clicking the Add to Cart button, and checking out

    • PS4 Laser/Blu-Ray DVD Repair
    • 1yr Return To Base Warranty, defects only
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