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Apple MacBook Flexgate Repair Costs UK £160

Are you currently experiencing a malfunctioning Apple Macbook with flexgate issues? You don’t need to worry anymore as we are here to help you fix it in the UK at an affordable rate of only £160. Not only is our price competitive, but we also offer a one-year warranty for your peace of mind. That means that if the same fault returns, after we’ve repaired your device, we’ve got you covered. Furthermore, we offer free UK-wide collection and delivery options which you can select upon checkout. Don’t let flexgate issues destroy an otherwise healthy Apple MacBook, use a company you can trust. Let us help you fix it today. Please note before you purchase our service, some MacBook backlight issues are covered  by apple free of charge, check via their website if your covered, Apple Service Program


  • MacBook Flexigate  Repair
  • 1yr Return To Base Warranty, Same Fault Only
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Free Apple Flexgate Repair

Apple has launched the MacBook Backlight Service Program to help customers who are experiencing problems with their device’s display backlight. This program offers free repair services to eligible MacBook Pro owners who have been affected by the display backlight issue.

To determine if your MacBook Pro is eligible for this program, you can visit the official Apple website and navigate to the service program page to enter your device’s serial number. If your device is eligible, you can bring it to an Apple Authorized Service Provider or contact Apple Support to have the issue resolved for free.

What Is Flexgate

Flexgate has been a term coined to describe a problematic issue with the newer MacBook Pro’s & airs displays that was first observed in 2016 models. Specifically, the display flex cables in certain models of MacBook laptops are prone to failure, resulting in a “stage light” effect where the bottom of the screen appears to have a bright strip across the bottom. This issue has resulted in some MacBook users having to pay for for full screen replacements of their laptops.


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