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At Atlantis, we offer a wide range of laptop repairs for Lenovo laptops, from Windows crashing to dead hard drives. We have listed our most common repair options on this site, but if you can’t find the laptop repair you require, then why not visit our Canterbury Lenovo laptop repair shop, or use the Enquiry Button below and send us details about what repair you’re looking for. We will then contact you with an estimate, or you can call us if you prefer.

Here are some of the most common Lenovo laptop repairs we offer:

  • Windows crashing
  • Dead hard drives
  • Screen repairs
  • Keyboard repairs
  • Battery repairs
  • Wi-Fi problems
  • Charging port repairs
  • Software installation and upgrades
  • Virus removal
  • And more!

We also offer a 1-year warranty on all repairs. This means that if your laptop breaks down again within 1 year of us repairing it, we will fix it for free.

To schedule a repair, you can either visit our Canterbury Lenovo laptop repair shop or use the Enquiry Button below. We look forward to hearing from you!

Here are some of the signs that your Lenovo laptop may need repair:

  • Your laptop won’t turn on at all.
  • Your laptop turns on but displays a blank screen.
  • Your laptop turns on but freezes or crashes frequently.
  • Your laptop’s performance has significantly decreased.
  • Your laptop is making strange noises.
  • Your laptop is discolored or corroded.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, it’s possible that your Lenovo laptop needs repair. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

We are committed to providing quality repairs for all of our customers. We use only high-quality parts and techniques, and we offer a 1-year warranty on all repairs. We also have a strict policy of confidentiality, and we will never share any of your personal information with anyone else.


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