iPad Pro 2018, Air 4 Liquid Damage Repair UK


iPad Pro 2018 Liquid Damage Repair with Free Royal Mail Drop and Collect Canterbury Kent UK Wide

While the iPad Pro 2018 model is not waterproof, it does offer some level of splash resistance. However, accidents happen, and liquid damage to your iPad Pro can be a frustrating experience. At Atlantis, we specialize in iPad Pro liquid damage repairs to help bring your device back to life.

When you bring your liquid-damaged iPad Pro to us, our skilled technicians will begin by carefully disassembling your device. We take the necessary steps to clean and dry all the internal components to minimize corrosion and prevent further damage. This meticulous process is crucial for restoring the functionality and longevity of your iPad Pro.


In addition to cleaning and drying, we will replace any minor components that have been damaged due to the liquid ingress. Our affordable liquid damage repair service includes the replacement of these components for just £50. It’s important to note that larger components, such as the screen, are not included in this cost. If any additional repairs are required, we will inform you in advance of any associated costs before proceeding with the repair.

In the event that the damage to your iPad Pro is extensive and not economically feasible to repair, we offer a fair inspection fee of only £15. This fee ensures that you are not charged the full repair cost for a device that may require a replacement.

For your convenience, you can choose between two options to have your iPad Pro repaired. You can visit our dedicated iPad repair shop in Canterbury, where our technicians will handle the repair process with precision and care. Alternatively, you can take advantage of our postal service with free Royal Mail drop and collect. Simply click Add to Cart and follow the instructions to securely send your iPad to us for the necessary repair. We prioritize the safety and security of your device throughout the process.

Choose Atlantis for professional iPad Pro 2018 liquid damage repair and experience our commitment to restoring your device to its full functionality.

Included in the iPad Pro 2018 Liquid Damage Repair:

  • Thorough internal cleaning and drying of components
  • Replacement of damaged minor components
  • 3-month return-to-base warranty for any defects


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