iPad Pro Liquid Damage Repair UK


iPad Pro 2015, 2016, 2017 Liquid Damage UK Repair with Free Royal Mail Drop and Collect UK Wide

Professional iPad Pro Liquid Damage Repair

Liquids & your iPad Pro can be a nightmare, but not all is lost. We can help fix your broken water damaged iPad Pro models from 2015, 2016, and 2017. Our technicians have been fixing iPads for 10 years, with many positive reviews on yell and elsewhere, we use advanced cleaning techniques to remove the corrosion, that liquid damage can cause, hopefully to restore your iPads full functionality and prevent future damage.

Flexible Repair Solutions Across the UK

We are based in Kent but offer our iPad repair services to anywhere in the UK. You can drop off your iPad at our repair shop or use our postal service, which includes free Royal Mail drop and collect. After placing your order, you will receive an email with your postal label, that can be used at any post office Click “Add to Cart” to get your repair started.

Comprehensive Service and Warranty

This iPad water damage repair service includes the cleaning of your board and minor parts replacement, if your iPad screen or battery also needs replacing this is not included in this prices. We will provide a 3-month return-to-base warranty against defects also.


Water Damage Repair for Apple iPad Pro

Liquid can severely impact the functions of your iPad Pro. We offer a repair service to address water damage to your iPad Pro 2015 to 2017 models. Using state-of-the-art equipment, and tried and tested techniques to disassemble, and reduce further damage, and the damage already caused.

Your iPad Repair Process

Disassembly: Our team with 20 years of experience, will begin by carefully disassembling your Apple iPad Pro, using heat and separation tools to remove the screen, we can then view the extent of the liquid damage.
Corrosion Removal: With electronic cleaning chemicals, we clean all internal components to remove any traces of corrosion and remaining residue.
Next: After the cleaning process, we test your device to ensure it is fully functioning, and contact you if a new screen or battery is needed, advising you of any cost.

What should I do immediately after my iPad gets wet?

Avoid turning it on or charging it. Gently dry it with a towel and bring it to a professional iPad repair shop ASP.

Does rice actually fix water damage?

No, the rice method is a myth and can cause more harm. Professional cleaning and drying are essential for proper recovery. Even Apple advise against it.

How much does iPad liquid damage repair cost?

Our service starts at £50, including cleaning and minor component replacements. Additional costs may apply for larger components.

Flexible Repair Options Across the UK

Atlantis provides two convenient repair options:

Drop-Off Service: Visit our dedicated iPad repair shop in Canterbury for fast and efficient service.
Postal Service: Use our free Royal Mail drop and collect service from anywhere in the UK. Click “Add to Cart,” securely package your iPad, and use the provided postal label we will email you.

We stand by the quality of our repairs. Our service includes

Component Replacement: Any minor parts like volume buttons damaged by liquid are replaced during the repair.
Your Warranty: We proved a 3-month return-to-base warranty against faults related to the repair.

Choose Atlantis for Reliable iPad Pro Liquid Damage Repair

Trust Atlantis for professional and reliable iPad Pro liquid damage repairs across the UK.

Click “Add to Cart” now to start your repair with Atlantis and restore your iPad Pro.


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