Restore iPad Mini Home Button Functionality with Atlantis | 1-Year Warranty Included


Can you replace the home button on an iPad Mini?

It certainly can. While you can use the on-screen home button(instructions further down the page) we understand the preference for a functional physical button. We offer professional iPad Mini home button repair services for models 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5, please note there is a slight risk to the screen with this repair, which is not covered by this cost

Our Services Include:

Expert Diagnosis and Repair: Our skilled technicians will identify the issue and repair or replace the home button as needed. If the button is replaced, there will no longer be fingerprint ID functionality.

Convenient Repair Options: An in shop service, or our free postal service, we will send you a prepaid label with instructions once your order is placed

Quality Assurance: We provide a 1-year return-to-base warranty on our repairs, ensuring your peace of mind.

Choose Atlantis for reliable iPad Mini home button repair in the UK. Whether you visit us in Canterbury or use our postal service, you can trust our expertise and quality.


Professional iPad Mini Home Button Repairs UK

An iPad Mini’s home button being unresponsive can be frustrating. Atlantis specialises in professional iPad Mini home button repairs. Our technicians have been working with iPads for 15 years, and can diagnose and fix or replace your broken home button, once again ensuring your home button works perfectly. Please note that restoring fingerprint ID functionality depends on the fault.

Convenient Repair Options

Visit Our Canterbury Store: If you’re near Canterbury, our dedicated iPad repair store is ready to help. Just pop in no need to pre order
Free Postal Repair Service: If you can’t visit us, not a problem, we will email the instructions to securely send your iPad to us, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Quality and Warranty

We use premium parts and follow strict standards to ensure your iPad Mini’s home button works as it should. Best of all you get a 1-year return-to-base warranty with your repair service.

How to Enable Assistive Touch on Your iPad

  • Locate and tap the Settings icon on your iPad’s home screen.
  • Scroll down and tap on “Accessibility” .
  • Look for the option “AssistiveTouch.” It might be under the “Interaction” section depending on your iPad model and iOS version.
  • Tap the toggle switch next to “AssistiveTouch” to turn it on.
  • Once enabled, a small grey circle with a white square in the middle will appear on the edge of your iPad’s screen. This is the virtual home button.


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