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PS4 Repair

PlayStation 4 Repair Service UK Wide

Playstation Repair


If your looking for a trusted PS4 repair service, performed by professionals, you have came to the right place. We offer a UK wide PS4 postal repair service, and a drop in store PlayStation repair service also. With a one year warranty on all repairs included as standard, as we are confident your repair will last. Scroll down to view our common PlayStation 4 repairs, where you can book online, and if you can not see what you looking for, feel free to contact us


PlayStation 4 HDMI port repair, is the most common repair we undertake on PS4 consoles. If turn your console on and it all seems to power up correctly but no display, first try another HDMI cable, if this does not solve the problem then its likely your PS4 HDMI port has failed, if you inspect the back of your console closely you may see the HDMI port surround is bent upwards, or the pins are damaged. Do not panic in most cases we can repair your PS4 and it can be saved, our engineers will solder a new HDMI socket onto your PS4mainboard and remove dust, and replace the compound in your PlayStation 4making it better then before.   We include a one year warranty with your PS4 HDMI repair, you can drop it into store or book your repair with the link below 


You PS4 hard drive can fail for a number of reasons, but mostly just ware and tare, unless you have be unfortunate and dropped your PlayStation 4, you may be greeted with a number of error messages from CE-34335-8. to the system asking you to update, you may even find you update your system, and it once again works only to fail again in a few weeks. We do always attempt to clone your drive onto a new drive, however if your drive is to badly damaged this may not always be possible, at which point a new install will be required taking your system back to standard settings, we will install a 1 terabyte drive during you PlayStation 4 repair, we can of course install an SSD drive or larger capacity on request. You can drop your PS4 repair into us in store or use the link below to get the latest price and postal options 


PlayStation 4, PS4 Blu-Ray DVD Drive Repair

The Ps4 Blu-Ray drive is clearly an important part of your PlayStation 4, and can fail in a number of ways, from being unable to take in disc due to damaged cogs and runners, to not reading disc due to a failed PS4 laser, it can also crash your PlayStation 4 when updating, we have lost count of how many PS4 repairs we have carried out over the years, but it must be in the thousands, so your PS4 repair is in safe hands . We offer a one price fits all repair service on PS4 disc drives to help keep things simple. If you would like us to repair your PS4 simply drop it into us, or click the link below for our latest prices and to use our postal service. 

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I came in with my Xbox controller and one of buttons came off and the man in the shop fixed it in less than 5 minutes for me FOR FREE! Really nice gesture and service

Twice I’ve been in to Atlantis and the first time my PS3 was broken beyond repair, and the second time my laptop could be fixed over the counter in 5 minutes. Both times for the overnight diagnostic and the over the counter quick fix I wasn’t charged for their time and effort. You can tell they know their stuff. Will definitely be bringing my damaged electronics fixed here again and hopefully for them i’ll eventually bring them something they can make some money off!
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