iPhone 6, 6S, Plus Battery Replacement UK


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iPhone 6/6S Battery Replacement UK

Is the battery of your iPhone 6 or 6S no longer holding a charge or draining quickly? Don’t worry, Atlantis iPhone Repairs is here to help. We specialize in professional battery replacement services for the iPhone 6 series, ensuring that your device gets a new lease on life.

With thousands of batteries replaced over the years, including many for the iPhone 6 series, our experienced technicians have the expertise to deliver reliable and efficient battery replacements. Whether you visit our mobile phone repair shop in Canterbury or opt for our convenient postal service, we guarantee a high-quality battery replacement that will restore your device’s battery life.

  • iPhone 6/6s/Plus Battery
  • 1yr Return To Base Warranty, defects only

When it comes to batteries, quality matters. We use only the best batteries available in the market, ensuring both safety and long-lasting performance comparable to that of a new phone. Beware of cheaper alternatives online, as they often consist of poor quality copies or reset batteries that only provide a short-term fix. At Atlantis iPhone Repairs, we prioritize your satisfaction and offer high-quality batteries that will stand the test of time.

To provide you with peace of mind, we include a one-year Return to Base Warranty with our iPhone 6/6S Battery Replacements. This warranty covers any defects that may arise during the warranty period, giving you added assurance and protection.

Take advantage of our battery replacement service by visiting our mobile phone repair shop in Canterbury, where our technicians will promptly replace your iPhone 6/6S battery. Alternatively, you can choose our postal service by clicking the Add to Cart button, allowing you to send us your device securely and receive a fully functional iPhone with a new battery.


  • iPhone 6/6S/Plus Battery Replacement
  • 1-year Return to Base Warranty (defects only)

Revive the battery life of your iPhone 6 or 6S with our reliable battery replacement service. Visit our mobile phone repair shop in Canterbury or use our postal service by clicking the Add to Cart button to initiate the battery replacement process.

Enjoy extended battery life and optimal performance with our high-quality battery replacement service for the iPhone 6 series.


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