iPad Pro Charging Port Repair UK


iPad Pro 10.5 Charging Port Repair UK Wide

Does your iPad Pro 10.5 not want to charge? At Atlantis, fixing iPad charging ports is our thing, with repair services available across the UK. Our iPad engineers can diagnose and fix your charging port issues, We only use the best quality parts to ensure your iPad Pro is back to optimal charging. We have been fixing iPads for over 10 years, and with over 500 online reviews we must be doing something right.

Convenient Repair Options

Whether you’re in Local or anywhere in the UK, we provide flexible repair solutions. Visit our Canterbury repair shop or use our postal service with free Royal Mail drop and collect. Simple place your order, and on checkout select if you want to use our drop off service or postal. If using our postal service, a label will be emailed to you that can be used at your local post office.

Your Warranty

Your iPad Pro repair will include our year long return-to-base warranty against defects, giving you peace of mind. 


How much does it cost to fix an iPad Pro charging port?

Have you got charging issues on your iPad Pro? we offer simple pricing, this includes the repair and postage We have decades of experience, so can diagnose and repair most charging port problems, helping ensure your iPad charges as it should for many more years to come.

Repair Process

iPad Inspection: Once we have your iPad Pro, we will begin to diagnose the cause of your charging port issue.
Your iPad Port Repair: We will fit a brand new part, ensuring its correctly installed and working. Due to strong bonding used in iPad Pro’s design there is minor risk to LCD during this repair.
By using this service you agree to the risk.
Quality: Your iPad undergoes rigorous testing to ensure the charging port works perfectly and the device is fully functional.

Why is my iPad Pro not charging?

Common causes include physical damage to the port, debris inside the port, or internal component failure.

Can I fix the charging port myself?

Yes and no, if the problem is just dirt, you can gently remove this with a tooth pick, or if your local pop in as we do not charge for this, if a new port is needed, this often requires soldering, so not an ideal DIY iPad repair.

iPad UK Postal Repair & Shop Options

We offer two repair options for your iPad Pro Charging Port:

Shop Service: You can pay us a visit at our iPad repair shop in Kent.
Postal Service: For customers across the UK, use our free Royal Mail drop and collect service, and we will email you a tracked RM label.

Your Warranty

Quality and customer satisfaction, that’s what we are known for. We use quality parts, but anything can fail, so your replacement charging port will include our one year warranty.

Click the “Add to Cart” button now to get started and experience the Atlantis difference, with our iPad Pro charging port UK repair service.


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