iPad 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th Liquid Damage Repair UK


Restore Your iPad’s Optimal Functionality – UK Wide Service Available

This service is for iPad 6th, 7th, 8th, or 9th Gen? Don’t stress! Atlantis offers apple iPad liquid damage repair to bring your device back to life. We will clean and dry your iPad to reduce any damage caused by potential corrosion, we will also replace any minor components. This service excludes replacement of the screen or other major components, which you will be advised of cost prior.

Postal Or Instore

You can bring your repair direct to us in Kent, or select our free UK postal service on checkout, once you place your order we will email you a free shipping label.

Choose Atlantis for reliable and effective liquid damage repairs, ensuring your iPad returns to its peak condition with minimal downtime.

  • Includes chemical cleaning of your iPad to prevent further damage.
  • Minor components like flexes included in this price.
  • Optional repair for more severe damage.
  • Local and free postal repair options across the UK.
  • 3-month warranty

iPad Water Damage Repair UK for 6th-9th Generations

Liquid can cause a lot of damage to electronics, but it doesn’t have to mean the end of your iPad. Atlantis, provides extensive cleaning of the circuit boards affected by liquid. We will disassemble your water damaged iPad, we then use advanced cleaning techniques to remove the corrosion that has formed on your device,  replacing any minor components that have been damaged.
Larger components such as batteries or iPad screens if needed are priced separately, you will be given the option before you proceed, with the full price involved.

Water Damage Repair Process:

Initial Assessment: We first diagnose & inspect your iPad to identify the extent of the liquid damage.
Advanced Cleaning: We use solutions to cleanse your iPad of contaminants and to prevent & remove additional corrosion.
Component Replacement: Replacement of minor damaged parts are included.

Why Choose Atlantis?

Expert Technicians: Our Canterbury-based experts bring 15 years of experience in Apple repairs.

Quality and Care: We use only the best parts and techniques for long lasting repairs.
Affordable Service: With transparent costs for any additional necessary repairs.
Warranty Protection: A 3-month return-to-base warranty covers all repairs.

Flexible Service Options:

In-Store Repair: Visit us at our Canterbury computer repair shop for a personal service.
Postal Repair Service: iPad repair with UK-wide coverage with our free Royal Mail drop and collect for those who cannot make it to the store.

Peace of Mind:

Every repair includes a detailed breakdown of services provided and potential additional costs, ensuring there are no surprises. If repair isn’t feasible, a minimal inspection fee of £15 applies, safeguarding against unnecessary expenditure.

For trusted and efficient iPad liquid damage repair UK, turn to Atlantis. Our commitment to excellence ensures your device is in safe hands, as certified by the best rated.


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