MacBook Repairs Canterbury, Kent, Uk Water Damage Repair
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MacBook Repairs Canterbury, Kent, Uk Water Damage Repair


Apple MacBook Pro Water Damage Repairs Canterbury, Kent  & UK Wide (2009-2019 Models)

We often see MacBook Pro laptops that have suffered a liquid spill, customers are normally in a panic believing that everything is lost and a new MacBook will be needed, and sadly this is what they are told by many MacBook Pro repair shops. Luckily Atlantis MacBook Pro water damage repairs in Canterbury have many years of experience repairing  laptops on the component level, often saving you hundreds of pounds.

Once we receive your laptop we will instantly remove the battery to ensure there is no power source going to the components, then the real work will begin , each part of your laptop will be removed and where possible cleaned to remove any corrosion that’s occurred, we will then replace any board mounted ic chips which are available, in most cases your MacBook Pro will be back to a working order and you will be charged only our fixed rate charge,

On occasions we may find your hard drive or LCD will also need to be replaced, or your motherboard can not be saved, in these cases we will contact you with a cost of additional parts, if you chose not to go ahead, or the machine is not cost effective to be repaired you will only be charged a inspection fee of £15.

Atlantis MacBook Pro liquid damage repairs in the historic city of Canterbury Kent offer both a walk-in service or a postal repair service, our postal service is available by clicking the Add to Cart Button, we also include a 1 year warranty with your repair, we are always happy to answer any questions you may have so feel free to pay us a visit, or give us a call or email

  • MacBook Pro Water Damage Repairs
  • 1yr Return To Base Warranty, defects only


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